The Best of 2022: My Idea Boards

 Hello friends and Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is doing well, preparing for 2023, and enjoying the time with friends and family.  My vacation time coming and it will be time to reflect, step away from this laptop, and take a look back at 2022.

I take inventory. What this means is I take stock of the milestones of 2022, and meditate on 2023 and which direction I want to take. I never make resolutions, that’s just a recipe for failure (to me), but I do take some mental notes and I make lists and plans for the things I would like to accomplish, and if I don’t, hey …I don’t.

My first “look back” was at Canva.  It’s one of the places where I create all things “LifebyWyetha” related as well as game templates, project templates, and things for my home.  One of the things I love to create is idea boards, for home decor or gifts.

Today I’m looking back at all the decor boards I made in 2022.  I know folks don’t realize but I actually research these items, find the perfect product picture, make sure the links work, use Photoshop to clip that picture (sometimes Canva will do this), and fit them in on a board in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing.

Decor Idea Boards Created in 2022


Updating Some Home Decor for the New Year!

Since I currently rent I always walk that fine line of what I will update in the home without spending too much money because some of these things I can’t take back (i.e., painting all the bathrooms or blinds) …[more]



New Home Decor on Amazon!

Today I’m sharing some new home decor at Amazon. We already know Amazon has everything from clothing to food, but they also have some great home decor items. …[more]




Great Shelf Decor Styling Ideas on Amazon

I’ve always wanted that because I’ve never had much in the way of decor for my shelves and surfaces, except when it comes to the seasons like Fall and Winter, or Halloween and Christmas.  My decor has been minimal because our shelves serve the purpose of holding all of our DVDs…and yes we have A LOT. …[more]




Summer Decor Ideas for Your Home

Today I wanted to post something light, and there’s nothing like home decor for a change of focus.  In searching for some “summer” decor ideas on Pinterest all I saw were flowers and signage.  I humbly believe that you don’t have to be hit over the head with summer signage or a doormat that says “Hi Summer”.  It’s the same trope for Fall when everything says “Hello Pumpkin” or “Happy Fall Y’all”.  There’s nothing wrong with all those things but most people don’t need a sign to know that it’s summer…[more]




My 2022 Fall Decor Preview

Today I’m sharing some Fall decor trends for the upcoming 2022 season.  I’ve been searching on design blogs, Apartment Therapy, HGTV, catalogs, and yup Pinterest to name a few, just to see what’s trending this year for Fall. [more]




Target Home Decor for 2022

Today I’m sharing some Target Fall decor finds, because seriously when can you not find anything and everything at Target? It’s voodoo I tell you. I know you all understand what I’m saying when you walk in there intending to spend $50 but spend $150, and you love everything you purchased. [more]



Target Home Decor for 2022

Today I’m sharing some fun (affordable) Halloween decor available at Target.  No matter what your style or your decor vibe is for the season you can always find some goodies at Target.  [more]



Hocus Pocus Vintage Halloween Decor

Halloween decor (to me) is like what I see in older movies.  It’s a time left in the past.  Pieces are old and left in disrepair, there are vintage bottles, antiques, dead flowers, cobwebs, faded photos, and items that are macabre vs your everyday light and bright decor. This to me embodies everything about Halloween but I know my opinion is my own. [more]



Simple “Thanksgiving Day” Table Decor Ideas

I love Thanksgiving and I hate that it’s an afterthought as folks rush through this month.  I love the food, creating the food, and the time spent sitting with family, having fun discussions, and enjoying some good Mysteries on TV.. [more]



Christmas Holiday Decor Ideas and Trends

Today I want to share some Holiday decor and trends.  My original thought was to check out Etsy and Target (all my usual places) but I didn’t see anything that sparked joy, and it was kind of all the same.   People either love signage and lots of tchotchkes, or they don’t. [more]


Well friends I’ll end this post here. Are you ready for 2023, well like it or not, it soon approaches.  I’m always excited about the new year.  It’s a chance for new beginnings and new life experiences.  I’ll be back posting the best of the best blog highlights for 2022. Thanks so much for visiting.  — Peace

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