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Hello beautiful people it’s Wednesday…how ya’ll fellin’!  I’m doing much better after my hospital visit last weekend and I’m just taking it easy.  I hope you’re being productive, enjoying the hot weather (if you like that), staying hydrated (I MEAN THIS), and loving life.

Today I wanted to post something light, and there’s nothing like home decor for a change of focus.  In searching for some “summer” decor ideas on Pinterest all I saw were flowers and signage.  I humbly believe that you don’t have to be hit over the head with summer signage or a doormat that says “Hi Summer”.  It’s the same tropes for Fall when everything says “Hello Pumpkin” or “Happy Fall Ya’ll”.  There’s nothing wrong with all those things but most people don’t need a sign to know that it’s summer.

I’ve found a few items on Etsy that are perfect to add to your existing decor for touches of summer.

Other Summer Decor Ideas

Summer always seems to be associated with a beach theme which are creams, blues, white-washed woods, and rattans.  I don’t care for blue in my home but it looks good whenever I see it in decor ideas.

Etsy is my main source but the best place to find decor items is your local thrift shop.  I’m always on the hunt for vintage-esq picture frames, mirrors, and tabletop decor.

What’s also great is faux greenery stems, battery-operated candles, and incorporating decorative pillows and throws, to help create that cozy summer vibe.  I love using these in my Fall, Halloween, and Christmas decor.

Source Links

California Driftwood 
Bone & Brass Trinket Bowl 
Open Framed Lantern 
Brass Mirror 
Carved Wood Chain 
Rattan Tray 
Carved Wood Hands 
Vintage Wall Art 
Gradient Glass Vase 

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