Book Reviews 2022

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This page is dedicated to all my book reivews for 2022.

Night Shoot
by David Sodergren

A homage to 80s-style horror movies about a group of college students who break into Crawford Manor to shoot a movie. (More)

Survive the Night
by Riley Sager

This was another great read for me by Riley Sager. Survive the night is about Charlie. A college student who lost her friend to a brutal murder. However, Charlie feels that it’s all her fault. The night her best friend (Maddie) and roommate was murdered they had an awful fight with Charlie telling Maddie “You’re a terrible friend”. (More)

When No One Is Watching
by Alyssa Cole

The book starts with neighbors disappearing from their beloved Brooklyn neighborhood. Sydney (the main character), who moves back to her childhood home (with her mom), is recovering from a bad divorce.  (More)

If It Bleeds
by Stephen King

This book is a collection of long fiction stories.  This collection of stories was a great pick for the book of the new year. (Well, actually I started the book in December, but we won’t harp on that one) It’s not gory, or too graphic but a great book to tuck into. I mean it’s Stephen King so maybe my tolerance level is different from others. (More)