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(UPDATED, May 2023) Hello Friends!  I’ve created this page as a tool for creatives that lists several blogging and photography resources that I currently use. 

Photo & Blogging Tools and Accessories

A few links for Etsy shops for Lightroom presets, backdrops, and blogging templates to help you plan.


Online Graphic Editors

Canva (Pro version available to try free for 30-Days)
Adobe Express
Be Funky

Other Photography Prop & Resources

Good Will
Salvation Army (or your community thrift store)
Big Lots
**Shop your home**

Creative Notes and Journaling on Penzu

Penzu is not just an online journal, Penzu offers … Pregnancy Journal, Reflective Journal, Bible Journal, and Dream Journal, as well as school, health, and food diaries.  Penzu can also be used to help you organize your blog, and stay on schedule by creating notes in real-time that can be accessed from any device.


Take advantage of an online course to help expand your knowledge base!

Creative Live
Master Class
A Beautiful Mess
The Annenburg Learner


Other Helpful Tools and

  • Spotify to create a Podcast for free.
  • Interact to create an interactive online quiz, it’s free unless you want to track stats.
  • Google Calendar to plan what I post, which is done a month in advance.

Posts on the Blog with Resource Links

I appreciate the feedback I’ve received via the contact form. However, the resources I’ve listed are tried and true and that I’ve used them throughout my years of blogging.  I would like to ask that you browse the website, subscribe, and follow to check out why I’ve added these specific resources before you make your suggestions.  Make sure the sources are actually helpful and up to date. 
I hope this is helpful, and feel free to contact me (below), thank you for your continued support of the blog.


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