My Top Watercolor Illustration Resources

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today.

Today I’m sharing my top resources for illustrations that I use on the blog, as well as cards and infographics.

Adobe Stock ($$)

Adobe has thousands of illustrations to choose from with several different artists. From fashion to food and everything in between you can find some great options to use for greeting cards, gift tags, Cricut projects, and of course your blog or website.

My Favorite Illustrators on Adobe


Good Objects ($)

Good Objects is a smaller women-owned operation.  Valeria’s hand-drawn illustrations are little works of art.  They can be used for Instagram story covers or any place you want to add some fun detail.  The price point is reasonable per set, which is 150-300 icons for under $10. The illustrations are broken down into groups by type. (Travel, Food, Office, etc.)

Etsy ($)

I love Etsy because you can find so many unique items, and illustrations are no exception.  The price is as low as $2.99 per grouping and you can find hundreds of objects for just about any subject you’re looking for.

Creative Market ($ 1/2)

Creative Market is not just illustrations, it’s website templates, Lightroom presets, fonts and so much more.  When I can’t find what I’m looking for in an Illustration my go-to is Creative Market.

Freepik (-$ )

Freepik is exactly what it is “free”.  Well…about 40% of the clipart and illustrations are free.  There are some illustrations that cost, and you can weigh that option depending on the use of the art.  If you’re printing them for Christmas cards, or tags then maybe it’s more cost-effective to pay for a few images that you can print yourself and use over time.

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Header Photo by Michelle Still Creates from Pexels