My Ikea BRIMNES Cabinet Organization

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today.

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday.  Today I’m sharing a short slideshow of how I organized my BRIMNES Ikea cabinets and created a functional storage space.

That Junk Space

Ok, we all have them.  That cabinet or drawer where you just shove everything in.  Mine was my BRIMNES cabinets.  At first, they were really nice to have because I needed the extra pantry space, and then they morphed into a mess.  I was just putting stuff in and forgetting about it.

Making these cabinets functional was going to be a top priority after I moved because every time I opened it, it gave me anxiety.

Here’s What I Did

I couldn’t just use what I had on hand to make this work, so broke down and purchased some clear storage from Walmart.  This purchase was justified because I needed to (neatly) contain all of our snacks, and create a smoothie shelf for “B”. Check out my quick video below!

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Header Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels