Book Reviews 2024 (New!)

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This page is dedicated to all my book reviews for 2024. Click on “more” for the full review. These reviews are in order, starting from the most recent.

The September House
by Carissa Orlando

Coming Soon!

The Echo Wife
by Sarah Gailey

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The Cousins
by Karen McManus

Every year, I add at least 2-4 YA novels to my Good Reads challenge because they are (in a word) entertaining. The Cousins by Karen McManus didn’t disappoint. This was a quick, fun read. Family …you can’t pick em’ …[More]

Leslie F*ucking Jones
by Leslie Jones

Wow, what to say about this novel? First, I listened to the audiobook because there was no way I just wanted to sit and flip pages.  I mean, It’s Leslie F’ucking Jones. (lol) The only drawback is that it’s Leslie F*ucking Jones, so after several chapters, I did get the sense that this audiobook veered away from the actual book. Be warned that this book has STRONG language, so if you’re offended easily, it won’t be something you’ll enjoy... (More)