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Good Reads Challenge Book Review: Leslie F*cking Jones, A Memoir

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“You are with yourself every day, all day, all night—might as well like yourself.” — Leslie Jones, Leslie F*cking Jones

Hello family and how are you…really? I hope you’re setting some great 2024 habits. Staying hydrated, focusing on your mental health, and giving yourself some grace.

I’ve had a relaxing holiday weekend where I attempted to catch up on sleep, do some laundry, and finally get back into the natural rhythm of daily work/life.  Today is my first official review to kick off my Good Reads challenge for 2024. I started the year with a memoir, and Leslie Jones did not disappoint.  So here’s my review…and so it goes.

The Review

Title | Leslie F*cking Jones: A Memoir
Author | Leslie Jones
Format | Audiobook
Pages/Hours | 16 hours, 33 minutes
Published  | September, 2023
Genre |  Memoir, Biography
GR Rating | 4.16
Purchase | Amazon


Now, I’m gonna be honest: Some of the details might be vague because a b*tch is fifty-five, and she’s smoked a ton of weed. But while bits might be a touch hazy, I can promise you the underlying truth is REAL. Whether I’m talking about my childhood growing up in the South, my early stand-up days driving from gig to gig through the darkest parts of our country and praying I wouldn’t get murdered, what Chris Rock told Lorne Michaels, that time I wanted to shoot Whoopi Goldberg on SNL.

My Rating (4.75)

Wow, what to say about this novel? First, I listened to the audiobook because there was no way I just wanted to sit and flip pages.  I mean, It’s Leslie F’ucking Jones. (lol) The only drawback is that it’s Leslie F*ucking Jones, so after several chapters, I did get the sense that this audiobook veered away from the actual book. Be warned that this book has STRONG language, so if you’re offended easily, it won’t be something you’ll enjoy.

Now, with that said, it’s that very thing that makes this book what it is. Raw, candid, personal, powerful, beautiful. Yes, she did admit that a lot of the story was off-script. Yes, at times, it could be all over the place. But it was, in a word, engaging, enigmatic, and eye-opening.  You get a peek into a person when they share their lives with you, and in doing so, it evokes feelings about yourself, and you start to share a commonality with the author.

Quote from Leslie F*ucking Jones
“Everybody was telling me to sit my ass down. Everybody was telling me to get a real job. Everybody was asking me… What are you doing? You’re ruining your life. You’re embarrassing your family.” That’s all I got. So you can’t listen to that. You have to listen to yourself.”

I don’t read many memoirs, but this one right here was everything. It’s not just a retelling of how she became Leslie Jones but a story about her growing up with a strict father and a mother who loved her unconditionally gone too soon. She addresses the anger and betrayal she felt with her parents because they didn’t take better care of themselves or listen to doctors, which is so spot on for African American parents because, as people, we don’t trust anyone.

Not even when it’s in our best interest to do so, we keep working, living, smoking, we keep drinking, and praying every Sunday that all will be fixed. Because we are taught unconditionally to trust in God, and He will take care of us. Leslie goes on to explain how her parents held so much from her when it came to their health, home, and finances.  Trust me, as an adult, I understand this now more than ever.

Quote from Leslie F*ucking Jones
“Every black comedian in the country knew what I could do. But that doesn’t mean everyone else is paying attention.

Leslie speaks on a predominately male-dominated genre in comedy and how one-sided it was. From her mannerisms on stage to billing and people’s perception of a 6-foot black woman crushing the game. It’s not what we see today for female comedians, and Leslie paved the way for the up-and-coming generations to get some skin in the game.  Being the one who’s bold and super-confident in her ability always to kill it on stage, those highs come with lows, and she didn’t just talk about all the wins but the losses as well

She entails her SNL experience as being one of the most influential and educational because it taught her how the machine (the entertainment business) can work against you just as much as with you.  SNL wasn’t a door that was immediately opened but one she had to kick down. (so to speak).

Quote from Leslie F*ucking Jones
“As soon as I touched the mic, I knew that’s what I would do for the rest of my life.

So, if you’re looking for a memoir that will give it to you straight no chaser, check out Leslie F*ucking Jones.  This was a great read to kick off my list for 2024. Check out my 2024 Good Reads Challenge.

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