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31 Days of Halloween: Day #6 …Great Halloween Decor at Target!

Hello and welcome to Day #6 of the 31 Days of Halloween.

Halloween Quote:
“It’s as much fun to scare,
as it is to be scared.” – Vincent Price

What’s up friends, hey fam!  I hope you’re doing well, staying hydrated, enjoying some fall and Halloween activities, as well as checking in with friends and family.

Today I’m sharing some fun (affordable) Halloween decor available at Target.  No matter what your style or your decor vibe is for the season you can always find some goodies at Target.  We know you really went in there to spend $30 but came out spending $100.  And so it goes…

Target Halloween Decor Under $30 Dollars!

Shop Links

1 // Black Leaf Arrangement
2 // Ceramic Pumpkin
3 // Metal Lantern
4 // Skull Candy Dish
5 // Bird Leg Candle Holder
6 // Posable Skeleton
7 // Raven Throw Pillow
8 // Shoes Off Witches Doormat

I know Halloween decor can add up so it’s a good idea to mix some new things, with some DIYs and thrifted items which are all lighter on your wallet. I hope my list gives you some Halloween decorating inspiration.  You can also check Pinterest for daily DIY ideas, and themes.

I’ll wrap it up here.   Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more goodies. — Happy Halloween!

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