Christmas Holiday Decor Ideas and Trends

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to the blog.

I hope you’re doing well this season, enjoying some holiday baking or festivities, and taking the time to slow down and be with loved ones.

I really struggled today to motivate myself to post something.  Lately, I’ve been feeling sluggish.  Work is so busy as we prepare for our Annual Meeting and committee appointment changes, so my work has been non-stop.  Once I’m done for the day I don’t want to look at a screen.  All I want to do is decompress and prepare for the next day.

It’s my love of Christmas that brings me here today, and let’s face it … sometimes we all need a bit of motivation.

Today I want to share some Holiday decor and trends.  My original thought was to check out Etsy and Target (all my usual places) but I didn’t see anything that sparked joy, and it was kind of all the same.   People either love signage and lots of tchotchkes, or they don’t.

Christmas Holiday Decor Styling

I thought I would pull some inspiration from around the web from minimal to Scandinavian and everything in between.

Bless This Nest
A minimal style using natural elements (like acorns and greenery) with brass touches.

The Identite Collective
Integrating a few live wreaths with your existing decor.

Jenna Sue Design Co.
Creating a cottage aesthetic with a little village, vintage candelabra, and fresh greenery.

When searching for decor trends I didn’t limit myself to 2022.  I did a broad search but I was looking for less traditional and more muted tones with pops of color.  What’s been trending for the past few years are cowbells, velvet ribbon, fresh garland, and little ceramic houses.

Neutral-toned paper with ribbons and twine with the tree trimmed in touches of gold.

Live greenery adorns this staircase with neutral colors and brass ornaments.

White Pickett Farmhouse
Simple flocked garland and tress dress this fireplace with crisp white stockings.

I find that all types of Holiday decorations are personal.  You add what you like no matter what’s trending.  Some things are traditional and some are new but not always the same.  I say do what brings you joy and makes you happy for the holiday.

Board Links

1~ Antiqued Gold Candelabra ~ AFlorel
2~ Pine garland or fresh garland (You can find this at your local nursery or grocery store)
3~ Velvet Ribbon (Assorted colors) ~ Amazon
Camel Tartan Plaid Ribbon ~ Zazzle
4~ Ceramic Houses ~ Ballard Designs
5~ Pinecones (You can find these at your local craft or grocery store)
6~ Cowbells ~ Etsy

Thanks so much for checking out the blog today as late as it is.  What’s your holiday decor style? Feel free to share in the comments.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and don’t forget to like and subscribe.  — Happy Holidays.

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