12 Days of Christmas – Let’s Catch Up! (Days 1-3)

Happy Holidays Fam! and welcome to the blog today.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the holiday season.  My plan was to get her on Monday to start this “12 Days of Christmas” series, but that wasn’t happening.  This week was our Annual Meeting, so I was just too busy to get back to the blog.

I have learned in previous years not to stress, and just do things when I can.  For the sake of this post let me back up a bit.  The previous weekend although busy has been wildly productive, I was able to tick several things off of my holiday or winter to-do list.

Holiday DIYs and Such

Some things that I have been doing every year seem to slip by me last year. One of those things was a pot potpourri. I use orange slices, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, cranberries, and a sprig of rosemary and just let that simmer and it smells really really great.

I’m also trying something new (which I omitted or just forgot to add to my list) and baking orange slices to use as a table or Garland ornament. I got that recipe here at the Cookie Rookie.

Holiday Home Decor

Apparently, I missed out on getting all of the faux garlands and now when I look at prices everything is over $50 so I’m just going to bite the bullet and buy some real garland to adorn my fireplace and a few other small places. I know now to shop for Christmas garland (which is ridiculous) in August because that’s when you’ll be able to find it and you’ll get it within a timely fashion.

If I order it now it’s not gonna be here till the 22nd and that defeats the purpose. So I might as well wait until the day after Christmas to see if the stores have any more real touch garland and get it at a discounted price to use for next year. I donated all of my cedar pine garlands because it just doesn’t look good. I kept one that I put above my bed frame.

I also want to take advantage of the day after Christmas same to get more velvet ribbons. Black is my thing but I want to expand and get maroon, brown, and khaki.

My current Christmas tree colors are pink, black, and white but I would really love to use some khaki, amber, and wine colors next year.

Now that I’ve gotten through all the happenings let’s start the 12 Days of Christmas.  During this series which is a little like Vlogmas for Youtubers, I plan to post for the next 12 days up till Christmas.  So I’ve missed the first three days and that’s what I’m sharing today.

Honorable Mention

My daughter also added this cute ornament to our collection.  This fox in the yoga pose is so her. (LOL) Sorry I can’t link it.  They are all sold out on Anthropology.

Day #1 – Fun Holiday Printable, What’s Your Elf Name?

I post this printable every year that I found from Good Housekeeping but now you can find it everywhere via a google search.  I’ve seen a few on Etsy but I’m gonna give you this printable for free. It’s great for kids and adults, and great for the holiday season.

My Elfname is … Evergreen Frostypants (LOL)

What's Your Elf Name

Day #2 – Christmas Holiday Playlist

I don’t know when I start listening to Christmas music but I’m gonna say somewhere in the first week of December.  After Thanksgiving is way too soon to hear the same 20 Christmas standards played over and over (and over) again until the 25th.

I do love the standards and all the Jackson 5 and 80s holiday music but I mix my list up as much as I can.

Day #3 – A Few of My Favorite Things

This list is a few of my favorite things for the holiday.  By no means are they new things but it’s all those little memories that make up Christmas and make us nostalgic for this time of year.  This will also be on my Free Printables page on the blog.

Well friends I’ve covered quite a bit today playing catch for all my holiday things.  I’ll be back tomorrow with Day #4 and #5 in the 12 Days of Christmas.  Thanks so much for visiting, and Happy Holidays.