12 Days of Christmas – More Decor and Days 4-6

Happy Sunday & Happy Holidays Fam! Welcome to the blog.

How are you this Sunday?  Brrr, it’s cold in these streets (LOL), but I love the weather, and I love the season.  I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying some holiday activities.  This is also a very lonely time of year for people so make sure to check in on friends and family because we all need that little boost.

This is probably the 1st year that I’ve ever lacked motivation for Holiday activities.  Blogging has always been a great way to share what I’m doing but this year it’s been a struggle.  But I’m here and so it goes.

More decor updates!

I think I’m finally done.  I spent more than I wanted to on greenery.  I purchased some live cedar bunches, along with one pine garland and I’ve been placing that all over the house.

I know it seems late but I didn’t want it to dry out so waited until zero-dark-30 (basically) to place it everywhere.


They made it!

I know sometimes DIYs tend not to last, but a few things have held up really well. These wood bead mini-garlands I made last year are holding up well and they look great with garland.

I had a lot of trouble working with the Needle pine rope garland.  It wasn’t very workable so I know why folks get the faux kind.  It does (however) smell amazing.

After using a little hand saw and some clippers I was able to make it work.


These are the top of my bookshelves which mainly house all my DVDs.

A gift for me!

I mentioned this last week, but I did gift myself this Crosley stereo.  It arrived on Friday and I love it.  I’ll link it here.  The assembly was a pain, but once I got the turntable in and balanced the counterweight it was fine.  It plays 33s and 45s and uses Bluetooth from your phone or device.


*** Now back to the 12 Days of Christmas ***

Day #4 – Gifts for the DIY’er

One of the best gifts I’ve gotten as a novice DIYer is an Etsy gift card.  Also, gift cards from Micheal’s, Joanne’s, or Hobby Lobby are also great for supplies.  Home Depot and Amazon are also great when you’re looking for DIY supplies.

A few years ago (out of frustration) I created a DIY Toolkit list.  Just a few accessible items can really make any project go quickly.  Create a gift basket for the DIY enthusiast on your list.

Day #5 – Winter Holiday Essential Oils

There are a few scents that I just love using around my home during this time but the main one for me is trees.  It reminds me of fresh open spaces. (LOL) When you combine clove, orange, and pine you get the most amazing scent.

I’ve put together this quick list of Winter (holiday) scents, which are perfect for the season.

Oil diffusers have come down in price over the years, and make a great gift with a starter pack of oils.

Day #6 – Winter Activities

I touched on this during my last post but got the name wrong, but now I have the receipt. (LOL) First, let me pack up a bit.  Three times a year my daughter and I always work on a puzzle.  We get one, especially for Christmas.  This year our Fall puzzle has spilled into the holiday, and it’s called “Foul Play and Cabernet“.

The reason why it’s taking so long is that there is no reference point other than a short backstory of what happened.  We think we know who committed the murder but finishing the puzzle solves the who, what, and where.

This weekend I’ve kept the puzzle on the table so that we can work on it a little bit at a time, and try to get it finished.  My daughter also purchased another puzzle mat because we are starting our 500-piece holiday puzzle Monday.

At this point, I don’t care if this one is finished or not I’m just ready to be done with it.  I’ll be happy to gift it to you if you like, but I won’t give too much more away other than the progress.

Well friends I’ve covered quite a bit today sharing more holiday things, and a few gifts. I’ll be back with more in the 12 Days of Christmas.  Thanks so much for visiting, and Happy Holidays.