Sunday Recap … Let’s Chat! … Law of Attraction, Day #7

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I wanted to keep going with my Law of Attraction journal but there are so many things going on, that I also wanted to recap what’s happening.

Other than my Sunday post I don’t delve to much into the subject of me.  I really only scratch the surface, so this platform is a good way to get to know me, and it also allows me to share a little bit of my life with you.

This Sunday I’m chatting about…

1. Thanksgiving Plans … prep and clean
2. Blogging in November
3. Home projects & mini updates (Am I moving)
4. Law of Attraction, Day #7

This weeks quote …

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.  If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

— Dalai Lama —


Journal Entry…

My ideals vision of what I thought I wanted in relationships was all in my head and never in line with reality.  As an adult I thought I knew what I wanted from family, friends, and a partner.  You want honesty, someone you can count on when things get thick, and an earpiece.

What I have come to realize is that everything takes patience, compromise and kindness.  I know to never loose myself in others, and I also know to be careful what you ask for because God is listening, and He will give you just that.

You have to come to the realization that you may want things in a partner or friend, but also keep in mind it’s not just about you.  As they are to you, you must also be to them.

The Happiness Planner’s Law of Attraction Box

The Happiness Planner

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The YouTube channel mentioned is Angels with Fran TV … check her out! On her latest Vlog she speaks the truth about The Law of Attraction.

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