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Cleaning For Your Holiday Guest

Hello my friends and Happy Wednesday.

I’m bringing you another post in my late fall and Thanksgiving series on how to prepare for the holiday.

Whether your cleaning because your hosting Thanksgiving, or if you just have folks stopping by for dessert … you want your home or space to look nice.

I have a small place so I’ve found that just a few simple touches and preparing the week before really help you get ready for the season. Keep in mind that your house doesn’t have to be perfect and if your waiting for that to happen … best of luck to you.

Your guest is only going to remember the time they spent with family or friends and good food. Trust me they don’t really care about that tile piece missing in the bathroom, or that piece of frayed carpet, only the memories of the occasion linger.  However, I do understand the need to want everything in tip-top shape.

Here are a few quick hacks to prepare any home for the upcoming holiday.


My Mom always had me focusing on the common areas, like the foyer, hallways, bathroom, and the living room (we didn’t have a family room).  It’s the first thing most people see when they enter your home.


My baseboards get attention in the spring and winter. A good AP cleaner or wipes get the job done. A great way to keep dust off your baseboards is by wiping them down with a dryer sheet after you clean them. Vents can be vacuumed with your hose attachment to make sure they’re free of dust.



I absolutely hate cleaning my blinds but it is a must in the spring and early fall.  This helps to get all the pollen and dust off from an open window on nice days.  There are so many ways to get them clean without spending a dime.

Get an old sock, cover your hand with it, and wallah! You’ve got the perfect tool to clean your blinds and windowsills. If you choose to drop a dime try the Swiffer Dusters. I will typically use Sprayway glass cleaner on the windows and the bathroom mirror.  It works really well on any type of glass surface and you can find it on Amazon, or at most of your major stores.

christelle-bourgeoisSOFA CUSHIONS

We are pretty good at flipping the cushions and giving them a good vacuum and refresh every other month. Washing or refreshing your cushions is a great way to remove dirt and odor.


I have a tiny bathroom, so I try to maximize its efficiency. Typically I’ll remove most of my cosmetics and toiletries so there’s only soap and clutter-free surfaces.



Over-night guests seem to take cleaning to a new level.  Although I’ve only had my Mom stay with me, there’s still a lot to prep, because I’m giving up my room.

I want to make sure that I set her up with spare towels and extra blankets.  Also, I’ll make space in my closet with some extra hangers, and  I clear out the clutter on my dressers, so there is space for toiletries.

If you have a guest room or guest space, a basket with basic toiletry items, towels, first aid items, and water can really give your guest room a personal touch.

I hope my shortlist gives you the inspiration you need to get busy.  Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog today, and  I hope you have a wonderful … stress-free holiday.  Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button to get my post delivered strait to your email. — Peace —

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