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SUNDAY JOURNAL: The Law of Attraction Box, Day #1

Hello everyone, and happy Sunday. I thought about taking a break today, and just focusing on my week ahead but, I thought it was more important to start this next venture and guide my soul.

I’ve been talking about the Happiness Planner for a month, and like a bucket that can’t hold water, I’m anxious and excited to start this journey.

The box doesn’t come with instructions on how to proceed so I’m just gonna wing it.  In addition to starting Day #1 of the Law of Attraction, I’ll discuss a few other topics listed below.

Talking about:

  • Relieving stress with exercise
  • What I’m hoping to gain from the Law of Attraction Box
  • Journaling through tough times


You attract what you are — Wayne Dyer


JOURNAL: When I think about right now, I always think  I have everything under control, the imperfect portions of my life like my health, finances, relationships, and work, will magically fall into place, which I know is silly. On a scale of 1-10, I’m about a 5, and I believe that embracing my happy will then make me happy.

Feeling good about myself, gives me the confidence to be my best self. Deep down I need improvement on “me” so I can prosper in my finances, my health, and my happiness.

Featured Article from The Happiness Planner:



Yes I know … “Homework?” On the weekend [lol], but this is good work. Consider this work to be a self-care exercise.  The Happiness Planner Box comes with a few worksheets that I’ll share with you.

The worksheet asks … What Does Clarity Look Like? To even ponder that question, is strange.  Even at my age, at this stage of life, I don’t know. So this week I will try to journal my thoughts.

What does health look like?

What would I do everyday if money was not a problem?

What does success look like?

With that, I’ll close my blog post today.   Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, and don’t forget to “like”, “follow” or join the fam by “subscribing”.  Have a great week … Know Thyself

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2019 Reading Challenge
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