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I think everyone that blogs, at some point or another, has done a “Get To Know Me” post, and I’m no exception. The last time I posted this tag [on this platform] was December 2017.

This list originally came from a Kaboodle buddy. I really miss that website, which was acquired by Hearst publications. Kaboodle was a site to make wish lists, fashion boards, questionnaires, and your own personal blog. I was an Ambassador for 3 years, and every holiday I would post what was trending in gifts.

I would get swag and payments for my post to the tune of $250, which was AWESOME! After the switch, Kaboodle staff started leaving, then three months later the entire site was dissolved.

While silly in some ways, I thought this list was important, so I’ve been doing this list (privately) and keeping track, through the years. What I noticed was, you’re never going to always like the same color, or listen to the same music. As you mature so do your taste.

So, enough rambling. Here are some random, “Get To Know Me” questions.


NOTE: The little hearts indicate a change from the last two years.



Reverse Bucket List


50 Things I Learned at 51


July Roundup (Favorites)
August 30-Day Challenge


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