My Reverse Bucket List

The idea of a Bucket List is scary, because you have to acknowledge the fact that your time on this earthly plane is limited, and at some point, God will take us home.

I haven’t thought too much about a Bucket List, due to the fact that it magnifies everything I haven’t done. This causes me stress thinking that I  have to do all of these things before I die.

I first saw this post from Natalie at the Grounding Growth Blog, which featured a “Reverse” Bucket list.  This idea is spectacular because it allows you to focus on your accomplishments. Whether you go back just 5 years or 20, it’s a good practice for positivity, accomplishments, and joy.


Reverse Bucket List

My list is random but the events are in chronological order … somewhat.

Whew! I went all out on this list because I wanted to make it into something with graphics, and images.  This also may be something that I want to frame.

The actual list took 3 days to contemplate and then execute.  I’m aware that I’ve missed several things, but just writing down some milestones, is very therapeutic.

Get Going!

Do you have accomplishments in your life that you would like to highlight? Then write them down, or create a Reverse Bucket List.

List places you’ve travel, hurdles you’ve overcome, skills you’ve learned, or mental, and physical growth.  I do realize that everything isn’t a milestone, but for me, this was a good way to help me remember things that have occurred in my life.

This also falls in line with my road to happiness.  I don’t want to be stressed while I’m focusing on everything that I couldn’t accomplish, and then feeling more guilt because I’m older, and I feel some sense of time.


Letting go of guilt, and stress is freeing.  I want to go forward without having this weight on my shoulders, in knowing my happiness is based on the life decisions I’ve made.  It’s up to me to continue my journey on this path, and I’m at this stage in life where I feel determined, and nothing can keep me from my dreams.


Virginia Map

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