It’s Always Better on Friday…

Hello friends, and Happy Friday.  This has been the week of meetings, and it’s not officially ending until August, so I’m pushing on.  I get a slight reprieve during the Independence Day holiday but then it’s back to more meetings until the end of July.

Updates This Week

My Dad is doing well, and almost back to himself, but he still has his moments when he gets disoriented. One plus is that he’s really talkative and says he’s ready for a vacation.  It makes me happy when he feels good, and his comfort during this time, is my only concern.

I’m also prepping for my Mom and Aunt to come up for a visit in late July It’s hot in the ATL, and DC is no relief, but I’m excited. The main reason is that my Mom and I talk all the time but I only get to see her 2-3 times a year so I can’t wait.

What Happened This Week…

weekly rewind

[1] When I updated my linen closet I also splurged and got this bathroom sign from the Hearth and Hand collection at Target.  Loving the black and brass accent which is in the Modern Farm Style.

[2] Meetings … Meetings … Meetings.  My Monday’s meeting was 80 people, and a great turnout.  Got 15,000 steps on this day.

[3] Bought this huge Monstera Leaf for my dining room, and I wanted more but I didn’t budget for that expense. One leaf was $9.99.

[4] Just a few extra minutes in the morning … makes all the difference when you get home from a busy day.  I love it when my bed is made, and ready for me to crash.

 Modern Farmhouse Diy’s

Modern Farmhouse style is my current obsession, and it’s also called Contemporary Farmhouse. It’s less rustic and more modern with Farmhouse touches, using the traditional style of crisp whites, wood tones, and soft leathers.  You will also find lots of greenery and macrame throughout with black accents and tribal prints.

Since I can’t re-decorate my entire spot, I’m looking to add some touches in the form of a few DIYs.  I’ve always told my daughter that when I finally get the place that I want, I’m going all out. Today, I’ve curated a few ideas and for inspiration, I looked at some Fixer Upper photos.

1. Macrame Wall Art + City Farm House
2. Hairpin Bench + Grillo Designs
3. Mudcloth Pillow + Crazy Wonderful
4. Macrame Plant Holder + Lia Griffith
5. Photo Display + The Merry Thought
6. Rustic Leather Handle Tray + Southern Revivals

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit the blog today.  Don’t forget to show some love with a like or hit that “Subscribe” button and join the fam.  I hope you have a great weekend.  — Peace —

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