It’s The Weekend…Happy Friday!

Hello friends, and Happy fearless Friday [It’s the Weekend!].  This week has been magically low-keyed.  Relaxing was my agenda this week, and although I was hit with some sad news of a death in the family, I’m pressing on.

What Happened This Week?

This week was merged with last week due to the July 4th holiday.  My daughter and I had a relaxing day, and although we didn’t grill outside … my cast iron grill pan did the trick.  The cocktails, hamburgers, and brats were perfect.

I hauled a few items from Anthropologie because they were having a sale on Mario Badescu [it’s never on-sale].  Got caught up on all the past episodes of a Handmaid’s Tale [who’s watching this] and NOS4A2. And … cleared my YouTube “Watch Later” list which is an accomplishment. [LOL]

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Loving This Week in Pictures

Loving This Week

[1] My Anthropologie haul and I’m so excited to try the Pixie Makeup Fix.  I’ve already tried the Vitamin C Serum in a sample and my skin loves it. The Cocokind Tumeric is a spot treatment.

[2]  Imagine my surpise on my commute home that I would see a Capital Fringe Poster.  Why am I excited? Because my daughter has been in this festival for the last three years, and I was so excited happy to see an ad on transit. “Break a leg B!”

[3] 4th of July eats.  We had the red and the white … just no blue.  Cast iron grill pan is available on Amazon.  I’ve had mine for about 6 years.  The other side is a smooth skillit, and it fits over two burners.

[4] Protective styles are a blessing during the summer, but as the heat rises it’s time for a change.  I’ll be taking these out at the end of the month.  Goodbye easy-no-strees-mornings. [LOL]

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Weekend Diy’s To Try

With the hot weather comes the indoor, but just because your inside doesn’t mean that you can’t so something creative.  Check out on of these weekend DIY projects to get your started.

Weekend DIYs

1. NO Sew Rope Basket + Nadine Stay
2. Streaming Device Cover + Almost Makes Perfect
3. Picture Frame Tray + Kreativ K
4. Gods Eye String Art + Almost Perfect
5. Paper Vase + Sinnen Rausch
6. Rustic Leather Handle Tray + Southern Revivals

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit the blog today.  Don’t forget to show some love with a like or hit that “Subscribe” button and join the fam.  I hope you have a great weekend.  — Peace —

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Weekend DIY PIN

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