August 30-Day Challenge

Hello my Friends, and happy-happy Wednesday, it’s time for my August 30-day Challenge.  First let me update you on my July challenges and progress.

July Challenge Overview

This month I faired a lot better than I did in June.  The reason for this is that I stopped stressing about completing these challenges, and just focused on one week at a time.  I tend to be really hard on myself [as most of us do] when I set out to do these.

So this month without over-thinking things I just did them.  I didn’t try extra hard to complete anything, I didn’t have to push myself, and everything was just organic.  As I look back on the month I feel really good about what I was able to accomplish, which makes me feel even better going into my August 30-Day Challenges.

Daily Devotionals

1 // I am so proud of me for for reading my devotionals everyday, and sometimes even twice a day.  I’m reading devotionals and one chapter in Psalms via an app called the Daily Bible for Women.

You can also highlight, and bookmark text. There are daily verses, and this bible can talk to you.  Personally I prefer to read it but that’s just my personal preference.

Daily Bible for Women

No Snacks Over 15 Carbs

2 //  This proved to be a challenge that I’m still working through but I’ve found some great snacks via Thrive Market.  I’m always looking for healthy alternatives that are diabetic friendly.  However fruits, vegetables, eggs, and nuts are best.  Here is the link to my posts on 10 Low Carb Packaged Snacks for Diabetics.

Fit Bit Stair Tracker

3-4 Flights of Stairs 5 Days Per Week

3 //  The particular challenge I was probably doing on most days but not making a conscious effort to keep track of it, but the fitbit doesn’t lie. [lol] I’m proud of me, and I’m happy for a small win. My long-term goals would be to get at least 10 flights a day, but baby steps.

August Challenge!

I’m feeling pretty accomplished because I didn’t stress about the finish line.  I only focused on one week at a time, and worked through everything from there.  Here’s what’s up for August! [Free Printable Download below]

30-Day Challenge Printable

This Month…

For August, [as shown below] I’m not taking on any new challenges, so I can focus on what’s working and really plan out a workable schedule to make the challenges I want to keep, part of my daily schedule.  Below are my past and planned challenges.

Past Months & Planned Challenges

Worksheet JULY-30dayChallenge


I’m glad that I decided early on to take a break from my challenges every 3 months to balance out my schedule.  This break allows me to balance out my challenges, with my other daily task.  This proves to be less stressful and I can get all my challenges done, and have fun doing them.

As I’ve said in my last months challenge that my overall plan is to have a healthier lifestyle through these monthly challenges and to see how my body responds to them over time.

Are you tired of setting goals or making resolutions that don’t stick? Try a 30-Day Challenge with me, and share some goals that you would like to achieve this month.  Download my free template here.

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I’ve also updated my Stress Worksheet and you can download that printable here.

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