Happy August Friday!

Hello everybody, and happy Friday.  It’s August!  Can you believe how fast this Summer has gone by.  The time has been short, but for those of us that haven’t had any vacation [like me] it’s long and hot.

This week has been great because I was able to spend some time with my Mom and Aunt who will be leaving today.  It’s sad but always nice to see my family.  Here’s what happened this week.

What Happened This Week?

On Sunday I took my girl cat [Trinity] to the emergency room because she was sneezing blood.  Turns out she has Hyperthyroidism, and while it can be serious, I hope that the prescribed meds can help.  She is a monster, but we love her just the same. She’s doing well and enjoying the extra attention.

I also stopped in Michael’s Craft Store this week and I can’t believe that they have Halloween … YES HALLOWEEN decor out in August.  It’s bat-shit crazy.  I don’t understand these retail stores.  Fall decor I get, but Halloween … WOW.

Loving This Week in Pictures

lifebywyetha pictures

[1] I’ve really been enjoying the snacks that I just got from Thrive Market.  I still have more on my list to try.  Check out my last post on 10 Low Carb Snacks for Diabetics.

[2] Yes I wasn’t kidding.  Here is a picture of the Halloween stuff.  I realize that it’s a numbers game with craft stores.  Every store trying to beat every other store to the finish line.  Where ever that is.

[3] The next book I’m reading is … The Next Right Thing: A Simple, Soulful Practice for Making Life Decisions.  This book was under the “trending” section on my Kindle app, and it literally jumped out at me. [Image: emilypfriedman.com]

[4] I also purchased 2 of these “Hello” mats for B and myself, and no … there not for the entry way.  This is my hack for keeping dirt off the carpet from your shoes.

These mats slide easily under the bed [I keep mine out] and you can put place your shoes that your were for the week on the mat, thus keep the dirt from soiling your carpet.  

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When the babies are no longer babies, and their off to college it can be a scary transition.  One way to help them get adjusted to dorm life, is with some room decor, and some personal things from home.

There are so many decor ideas, and styles … the skies the limit.  Your young adult can add a person touch to there space as well as prepare for those busy days ahead.  

Dorm Room Decor Ideas

Dorm Room Ideas

1. Drawer Dividers + Amazon
2. Fairy Lights + Target 
3. Polaroid Photo Wall + Pinterest Unknown
4. Wire Wall Grid + Amazon
5. Flower Wall Headboard + Sweet Teal
6. Graphic Laundry Basket + Studio DIY

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