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Sunday Journal: Chit-Chat … 52 List for Happiness [#50-52]

Hello everyone, and Happy Sunday. Although we’ve come to the end of the road (Boys To Men), unlike the song, I can let go of this Journal that I’m so happy to be completing. I’ve also got some other randomness, so get your coffee or tea, get comfortable … and let’s chat.

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52 List for Happiness [#50-#52]

[1] Pictures of family events
[2] B growing up
[3] From my photography course
[4] Entryways
[5] Home decor
[6] Graphic art

TAKE ACTION: Create a colletion of photographs, drawing, stickers, paint swatches, and anything that puts a sile on your face.  Collect these images in A pinterest board, a folder on your computer, or a scrapbook or notebook.

[1] Creating this blog
[2] Having better relationships
[3] Taking control of my health
[4] Choosing happiness above all else
[5] Keeping a journal
[6] Choosing love

TAKE ACTION: Circle the things that you want to continue to do in the year ahead!

[1] Watching “B” in her leading roll
[2] My Mom and Dad meeting “A”
[3] Paying off a credit card
[4] Loosing weight
[5] Lowering my AIC
[6] Maia’s & Jay’s Wedding
[7] Getting Dad better
[8] 1 year with “A”

TAKE ACTION:  You did it! Fifty-two weeks’ worth of your truest joy has been discovered, established, harnessed, and cultivated! How many of your happiest moments of this year were things you created on your own? And how many were spontaneous and unexpected? As you look forward into the years ahead, think of this book as your happiness resource.  And trust that your life will always hold happiness for you because of two important things: your powerful efforts in the pursuit of happiness and the unpredictable beauty of the world that surrounds you.  As hard as life may be at times, there will always be something to spark joy if you seek it.  Keep engaging in your own happiness pursuits and embrace the unknown as happiness waits for you around every corner.

With that, I’ll close my blog post today.   Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, and don’t forget to “like”, “follow” or join the fam by “subscribing”.  Have a great week … Know Thyself

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