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Sunday Journal: Chit-Chat … 52 List for Happiness [#47-49]

Hello everyone, and Happy Sunday.  I’ll be continuing with the 52 List for Happiness Journal, and this week is #47-49. I’m also discusising a few other updates and getting caught up. So get your coffee or tea, get confomrtable … and let’s chat.

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52 List for Happiness [#47-#49]

[1] Mental health days
[2] Binging a favorite TV show
[3] A new pair of shoes
[4] Saving some extra money
[5] Treating “B” to a little something
[6] Buying a new dress
[7] Anything at Home Goods

TAKE ACTION: On little slips of paper, write down all of your favorite treats (whether they are actions or snacks, or activities) and place them in a jar.  At the end of each week moving forward, pull out a slip of paper and treat yourself, just because.

[1] I would like to own a home
[2] To be debt free
[3] Having my AIC controlled
[4] Taking a “real” vacation
[5] Getting my body healthy
[6] Planning my retirement

TAKE ACTION: Is there anything that you can do now that you think furture you would be grateful for? Take one step this week to move towards your future goals.  Everything started with baby steps!

[1] Removing self-doubt
[2] Cleansing all guilt from past failures
[3] Shedding fears for the future
[4] My dining room table
[5] Thing I have no use for

TAKE ACTION:  Let’s do it! Pick one thing to get rid of in your home, one thing in your closet, or one thing you’ve been holding onto emotionally this week.  Wherever you start, let it be the symbol for a new beginning or feeling freed from the things that drag you down.

With that, I’ll close my blog post today.  I’ll be back next Sunday with the last two list of this journal, and the end of 52 List for Happiness Journal entries.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, and don’t forget to “like”, “follow” or join the fam by “subscribing”.  Have a great week … Know Thyself

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