Happy Exhausting Friday and Hello Restful Weekend

Hello everybody, and happy Friday. I’m so tired right now, you could knock me over with a feather.  Between meetings, moving furniture, carpet cleaning, and helping “B” with her new mattress, I’m dead on my feet.

I did manage to cook meals on Sunday and Thursday, got back to my yoga 3 times this week, as well as getting ready for this August slow down at work. 

My Mom and Auntie will be in town tomorrow, and while I’m tired we’re still going to hang out and have some fun.

What Happened This Week?

My daughter made her first “adult” purchase last week when she aquired a Helix Mattress.  It’s “HUGE”, and so far it feels nice although I’ll probably never get to sleep on it. (Humm “B”)  She also purchased a Hoover Power Dash Carpet Cleaner because we haven’t steamed cleaned our rugs in … ever so maybe I’ll get around to my bedroom on Monday.

B just did a few passes on my floor in the high traffic areas, and OMG it’s made such a big difference. It’s also pretty small so storage is easy.  Since we are the only ones in our rooms, cleaning them twice a year is worth the money.

Last week, I mentioned that I was almost finished with that Stephen King book, “The Bazaar of Bad Dreams” (Which isn’t as bad as it sounds, but it from the mind of Stephen King, no doubt you’ve seen It, and The Shining).  Now that I’m done I’m trying to figure out if I want to read someone’s memoirs, a self-help book, or another mystery or thriller. Decisions … Decisions.

Loving This Week in Pictures


[1] This is “B’s” new matress.  Helix is a memory foam mattress that is customed design to your body to give you the best nights sleep. [Helixsleep.com]

[2]  Sunday I made Steak, Corn and Potatoes with Garlic Butter, and it was delicious.  We don’t eat steak very often (or really at all), but this dish looked easy enough for Sunday dinner, and it came out great.

[3]  I made another simple recipe from the Food Network Magazine … Pork Chop Adobo with Garlic Rice.  This meal was good but not my favorite.  My fav’s by far would be the Zucchini Boats and the Steak, Corn and Potatoes with Garlic Butter.

[4] The next book I’m reading is … The Next Right Thing: A Simple, Soulful Practice for Making Life Decisions.  This book was under the “trending” section on my Kindle app, and it literally jumped out at me. [Image: emilypfriedman.com]

This is one of those titles where I prefer the hardcopy vs. reading it via the Kindle app.  I had already started reading a short book called Ghost Gifts, which I’ll finish after The Next Right thing.  

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Heading Back to School

Even though my daughter is no longer in school, I have stressful hectic memories of getting her through elementary, to Junior High, then High School, with the final destination of College.

This week I’ve curated a list of DIYs to get your family ready for school, activities, and everything in between.

School DIYs


1. Pencil Toppers + Aww Sam
2. Personalized Back-to-School Notebooks + Momtastic 
3. Decorated Thumb Tacks + Modcloth
4. Spattered Watercolor Notebook + Alice and Lois
5. Confetti Pencils + Make + Tell
6. Palm Leaf Pencil Pouch + Persia Lou

School Supplies List

When my daughter was going to school, I always waited for the school to provide the list of supplies, thus missing all the great Back-To-School sales in August. 

Mind you this is when Amazon was just a baby (1996), so we didn’t have that luxury.  Now you can find a standard list of school supplies for any grade level.  Check out Good Housekeeping’s:

The Ultimate Back-to-School Shopping Lists (From Kindergarten to College)

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