A Round-up of Posts For The Month of February!

Hello Friends, happy Friday and welcome to the blog today.

Hello beautiful people, and how are you this Friday.  I’m always happy to see another Friday.  Not that I’m any less busy but it’s something about that Friday buzz.

Well, party-people here we are and it’s the end the February.  Can’t believe we are heading into March so soon, not that February weather has been fantastic, but we have had some crisp-cold and really sunny days which I love.  I’m not ready for Spring, I haven’t even worn all my cute boots yet. LOL




Here is my round-up of posts in honor of Black History Month for February.


What I Made This Month

I’m trying to make at least one Cricut project a month.  This makes good practice so I make the best of that investment and I don’t forget how to use it.  I really love making the transfers, so I created some art for the living room.  It’s that winter stage of decorating right before spring so my home is really neutral.


I used some old black canvases that I got earlier this year from Micheal’s (they were a bit beat up), smart vinyl in white, and I purchased an svg Abstract faces art from Etsy. With Cricut’s new smart vinyl you can actually stick them strait to your wall or on glass, canisters, storage bin, and yes canvas.

There Out!

At first I panicked when I couldn’t find the portraits I had made of my babies and got really upset.  Then ye’ ole memory kicked in and I found them in my storage unit.  They are gone from our lives but they will never be forgotten.  I had these made in 2020 and they are finally framed and out.  I think they look so regal.  My boy is Maximus and my little bunny is Trinity (The Queen).


A Good Month for Reading

I finished 2 books…Yes, 2! in February and that has got to be a record or something (for me) because I never fly through anything that quick.  I’ve started and finished Survive the Night by Riley Sager, and When No One Is Watching, by Alyssa Cole.  I’m currently reading These Toxic Things by Rachel Howzell Hall, and we will see if that was just a February fluke, or am I really getting better at getting through these novels.


Movies this Month

This month was no exception to the movies and documentaries we watched.  While we look at a bit of everything we still celebrated BHM with a few movies and documentaries.

Get On Up
The Harder They Fall
Malcolm X
Nas: It’s Time To Illmatic
The Body Guard
Biggie: I Got A Storty To Tell
Beyonce: Homecoming (We’ve seen this one a few time, but we love it)
Hip-Hop Evolution (Been watching this one for a while but it takes some time to get thorugh it)
Janet, Lifetime Documentary


That’s going to end my February roundup.  Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  Don’t forget to follow and subscribe, as I really appreciate the support. — Peace

Image header by blauthbianca
 from Pixabay