My Timeless Capsule(like) Wardrobe Style

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today.

It’s March ya’ll!  Where has the time gone. But hey …it’s a new month, with new possibilities, and new ideas. Today I’m sharing something a little different.

I rarely post about clothing on here because it’s such a personal thing and every-thing doesn’t always look right on every (body).

My Clothing Philosophy

I’ve seen several YouTubers speak about a capsule wardrobe, and I never understood it because I like many things. But when I get right down to it, I’m rotating the same jeans, two pairs of sweatpants, and 3-4 shirts all week. (Right now) there’s no place for some of these things, and when I do go somewhere I don’t need tons of options. What ends up happening is that I try on everything in my closet and nothing looks right, and then I’m cursing myself for keeping these things when they are too big or don’t hang properly.

  So, today I’ve curated this shortlist of the tried and true pieces that I currently wear, along with a few classic pieces for all occasions. Now when I head back into the office I have to rethink everything but for right now this works.

I don’t believe that you need to spend A LOT of money on clothes but I will drop some dollaz on shoes, or certain pieces that I can wear year-round, that never go out of style.


I’ve just recently (last year) started to wear Madewell Jeans when my other jeans betrayed me. Well, they got too big and I know that’s a good thing. I’m not saying run out and buy $130 dollar jeans but for the fit and quality, I’ll pay more.

I use to love Old Navy and Gap jeans but whenever I go back to the same style and fit that I’ve previously purchased, they’ve changed them again so I can never find what I need. Why do I have to buy two pairs of $50-$60 dollar jeans when I can buy one pair that looks great.

(Wish List Item) High Waist Ripped Jeans

The Perfect Vintage Jean
These are Mom-style jeans (to me) but I love the relaxed fit and for errands or everyday I don’t need anything tight or umcomfortalbe.

(Wish List Item) High-Waisted Ankle Pants
Old Navy

Performance Jogger
I was gifted these joggers last year for Mother’s Day and I’m here to tell you.  These are the MOST comfortable joggers I’ve worn EVER.  After I wash them I hang them to dry and they have kept their shape and still fit beautifully.  Great soft fabric, not tight around the ankles with a comfortable drawstring waistband. 

Shirts & Tees

It’s always nice to have a few shirt options. You can wear the same pants but alter your tops for a whole different look. I’ve only listed a few but a few button-downs, 1-2 frilly tops, and a couple of tees are really all you need.

(Wish List Item) Linen Boyfriend Shirt

Floral Clip Dot Cap Sleeve Tunic Blouse
Nordstrom Rack
I wanted to include a top I previously purchased from the brand BeachLunchLouge but because it’s Nordstrom Rack, it’s no longer available from that store or from the brand website.  So I’ve included the link to a similar style top.

Goonies Graphic T-Shirt
This is by far my favorite shirt. It was gifted to me around Halloween and I wear it all the time. While it’s not perfect for all occasions it’s nice to add something fun into the mix. The fit is and the material gets softer after each wash. This tee with jeans paired with booties or my AF1’s is the perfect outfit.

I didn’t list any plain tee’s because a good t-shirt depends on your body type. I like a longer t-shirt some folks don’t mind it coming right at the waist. You also have crew necks, v-necks, sleeveless, cap-sleeves, and short-sleeves. (So many options!)

I like a thicker shirt so they can soften in the wash and last a little longer.  Every season I buy more tees and only 2 out of 5 make it through the year. Once you have a great resource for t-shirts … stick to it.


When it comes to shoes … I ain’t got time for my feet to be hurting because I’m trying to be cute. No shoe is worth a corn on my toes, or a blister, so I choose them carefully. Currently, the only heels I have are boots, as I haven’t owned a pump-style heel in quite some time. Yes… I have way too many pairs, and I will probably get a couple more, but that’s my vice, and we all have them. LOL

Here are just a few that I’m currently wearing or will be wearing in the upcoming months.

Air Force 1 Stage Low Platform
Can’t lie, they are not the most comfortable sneaker, and you’ve got to wear socks with them, but they just look so damn good, and I love a platform.  They work with almost every look.

Blake Waterproof Chelsea Boot
Sorel/Nordstrom Rack
I love Sorel boots! I have two pairs and I love the rubber soles; they are waterproof and really stylish. I don’t feel like I’m going to break my neck in these high-heeled boots, and they are very sturdy. I always get compliments when I wear them.

Loreta Flat
I’ve had my flats for 3 years now and they still look good. It’s an in-between shoe that can be worn in Spring and Fall.

(Wish List Item) Norcerna T-Strap Pump
Adrienne Vittadini/Nordstrom Rack


I have been rockin’ two basic dresses for the better part of 3 years. Why? Because they are the only ones that fit the way I like.  I’ve tried dresses from just about every store but I seem to make out better at NY & Co. Unfortunately, all those stores have closed and they’re only online. It’s too bad because I prefer to try dresses on before I commit.

What I’ve found in the place of a basic black dress for all occasions is this black jumpsuit. It’s nice enough for work, it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and it’s flattering.

(Wish List) Draped One-Shoulder Jumpsuit
Nordstrom Rack

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