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REPOST: Black Lifestyle YouTubers To Watch!

Hello friends and Welcome to the blog today!

Happy Happy Friday everyone!  Today I’m reposting from my Black History posts last year, and I’m sharing my favorite lifestyle content creators on YouTube.

The University of YouTube

One of the many ways I relax and indulge is by watching copious amounts of YouTube.  Mainly thrift, DIY’s, home decor ideas, and lifestyle channels.

Youtube has also been my one-stop-shop to learn ERRY-THING.  I find product reviews, how to correctly paint furniture, as well as tutorials in Photoshop, and Lightroom on how to edit layers and just all the things.

Some of these channels I’ve been watching for a few years and some are new but enjoy them all.

Tanea & Terracotta

Doing it yourself is easy, trying not to glue your fingers together in the process is the hard part. Welcome to my channel, where breaking stuff & making stuff is all in a days fun. (Source: Tanea)

Celia DW

I’m using my channel to indulge guilt-free in my love of plants, interior decor, food, fashion, and fun. (Source Celia)


I’m Janea (Juh-nay) and I help busy babes like YOU bring your dream home aesthetic to life and to seek overall wellness in your daily journey, so that you can have the happy home and healthy life you deserve! (Source: Janea)


Influenced by 90’s sitcoms, Hip-Hop, & streetwear culture. My goal is to inspire women to live life unapologetically by finding comfort in their uniqueness. Connecting & building a community online is how I balance my love for all things style and culture. A natural revolutionary at heart, I’m passionate about elevating & empowering the culture through style, beauty, & creativity. I do this for the culture.

Guilt-Free Momma

My name is Kerima Williams and I am a wife and mom of two little ones. I am a full-time RN and I love making cleaning, organizing, and mommy related videos!

What are some of your favorite indulgences on YouTube?  Please share them down in the comments below.

With that, I’ll close my post today, thanks so much for visiting the blog.  I hope you’ll consider subscribing.  Stay safe, and be well.  — Peace —