Monthly Wrap

It’s Time to Wrap Up The Month of September!

Hello friends! Can you believe it, October is just about here.

“Sisters! All Hallows’ Eve has become a night of frolic, where children wear costumes and run amok.”
—Winifred Sanderson (Hocus Pocus)

What’s up, friends, it’s the weekend!  I hope you’re being productive, checking in with friends and family, staying hydrated, and taking care of your mind and body. 

It’s the 30th, and guess what I’m doing today (well, other than posting here)…I’m setting out my Halloween decorations. I’m so excited I think my head might pop, but in general, I like to enjoy my decor all month long.  I hit my storage unit on Friday, pulled out way too much stuff, and I’m gonna use it.

The only new things I’ve purchased are some gold skull candles, a journal that looks like the book in Hocus Pocus, a palmistry tabletop piece, and ceramic witch boots for my Sanderson Sister entry shelf (or cube, or whatever you want to call it). I’m so ready to get rid of this Ikea-esq. piece of furniture, but I’ve had no luck finding anything to thrift for the past 4 months.  But that’s neither here nor there.  I’m just excited for October and my new 31 Days of Halloween series, but before that, let’s recap September…And so it goes.

A Round-Up of Posts for the Month

Inspo & Activity Boards

September Inspo Board (Link to post)

Who doesn’t want some Fall inspiration? Right now, we’re on Fall overload…hell even the drugstore has pillows and signage in screaming orange and yellow. Between my Tumblr and Pinterest, I can always find beautifully curated images that whisper…Fall is approaching. Here are a few things I love to gush about during the season.


Fall Season Bingo (Link to post)

I’ve loaded my Bingo with some things that I would like to do during the Fall Season.  This doesn’t include Halloween as I have a whole other Bingo for that time.  You can download that here.

There are (of course) a few things on my Bingo that I can check off because I just couldn’t wait.  (Yes, I’m impatient like that)

* New Books, A Head Full of Ghost, The Only One Left, The Lake House
** Decorated for Fall
*** We’ve had one game night
**** Get a new album
***** Went to a Hip Hop 50 concert at The Wolf Trap


Fall Decor Decor at Target (Link to post)

I’m sharing some new Target fall decor, my Fall playlist, and my Fall inspiration board.


My Fall Playlist (Link to post)

I’ve added a few new tracks this year, and I’ve been listening to my list a little earlier than usual.  My playlist has been carefully curated to bring me right back to the season.


Spirit of Fall List (Link to post)

I’ve sat home too many days wishing I could do something when it was cooler; this list encompasses some of those things.  This season I’ll get busy living.


What Did I Watch in September? A few things.

September wasn’t too shabby, and I’ve seen a few things.  It’s the calm before the storm as I prepare myself for my October Halloween movie binge. The “Movies” (a retro channel) always has the good stuff on all month long.

The Blackening
The Nun 2
Fast X|
Bones and All


I’ve definitely slowed down the pace, and I’ll finish this year with a total of 35 books, with maybe one extra. I’m currently reading Kill River by Cameron Roubique. I’ve finished The Only One Left by Riley Sager, Mosaic by Catherine McCarthy, and The Horror at Plesant Brook by Kevin Lucia.

My Printable Section

October calendars are available in the “free downloads” section of the blog. I’ve also updated my Halloween games pack, which is available to download.

Podcast Series Update

I haven’t started my Season 3 as of yet.  October is a busy month for blogging in general, and I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew, so I’ll hold off a bit and get back to my book reviews.  Here is a link for Season 2.


Well, Friends, I think I’ve covered everything in this round-up. Thanks so much for visiting and being a part of my little corner of the world here on the blog.  If you haven’t, don’t forget to follow and subscribe, as I really appreciate your support here on the blog. — Peace