My 2023 Fall Wardrobe Fav’s

It’s Fall Baby!

Hello friends, and happy Wednesday. It’s a good day to have a good day.

I know my days are better now that it’s getting cool, and I hope yours are the same. I hope you’re staying hydrated, checking in with friends and family, and giving yourself some grace.

About twice a year, I’ll go through the current style trends for the season to see if the year’s current style is something that I’ll actually buy or naw.  Do I like anything that is “trending” this season …Mostly, No. But there are a few things that I would actually wear. The rest just aren’t realistic for real people in everyday life.  The goal is always to buy less, but hey …there are just some things that a gal’s gotta have.

Here are my favs for the season!
and yes, some of these pieces are on trend for Fall.

[1] (TRENDING FOR FALL) Oversized Striped Sweater
(I can get with this as long as I don’t look like I’m wearing my big brother’s clothes)

[2] Sling Bag [HACK: These bags can be expensive; find a cheaper version, and swap out the plain strap for something more stylish like this from Etsy.]
(This little bag is a go-to in my book. I’ve been wearing one all Summer for outings and short trips because it’s so convenient to slip something across your body with just the essentials.)

[3] Puma Smash V3 (Nordstrom Rack)

[4] Faux Leather Pencil Skirt (River Island)

[5] (TRENDING FOR FALL) Long Wool Trench 
(I can live in the Matrix all day) ABSOLUTELY!

[6] (TRENDING FOR FALL) Flare Jeans & Pants
(I’m digging the nod to the 70s)

[7] (TRENDING FOR FALL) Gothic Romance
(This is one of those trends that didn’t make sense at first.  One…I don’t want to look like I’m stepping out of a 1930 Dracula film or that I belong to a vampiric coven, so I tweaked my search and found a top with some of the elements of this style that’s more suited to my taste.  So it’s Gothic but more of a Steampunk style.  My top will arrive in October, and I’m excited.  Paired with some black trousers and a blazer with boots, this is the perfect outfit for the day or evening.

[8] White Doc Martins Chelsea Boot
(I kept this boot in my cart for a long time, trying to determine what I would wear it with …in a word, EVERYTHING!  So after the debate, I just purchased them.  If they don’t work out, I can return them).

Extras for Fall not pictured:

After this retail therapy, I’m done.  I have everything I need to carry me through the Fall and most of the winter season.  These pieces, paired with what I currently own, will work out nicely and give me more options when I’m headed into work.

What’s you’re favorite item to wear during the Fall season? A great scarf, a cozy sweater, or boots.  Let me know in the comments. 

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How To Create The Perfect Fall Aesthetic

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