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Good Reads Challenge Book Review: Mosaic

The last Friday in September.

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“Narcissism isn’t just about appearance and vanity—it goes far deeper than that—and his refusal to help had nothing to do with my choice of subjects; it was all about that control.” Mosaic by Catherine McCarthy

Hello, my lovelies.  Had to make a correction to this post because today is (or was) Friday. I decided to shop my storage until today and bring home all the Halloween things. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, live well, and give yourself some grace.

I’m all caught up…whoo hoo!  This is the last review from my book binging over the summer.  Today I’m reviewing Mosaic by Catherine McCarthy. Thank you, Book Sirens, for the advanced copy!

The Review

Title | Mosaic
Author | Catherine McCarthy
Format | Kindle
Pages | 150
Published  | August 2023
Genre |  Horror, Paranormal, Novella
GR Rating | 4.24
Purchase | Amazon


When a stained-glass artist embarks upon the restoration of a church window, her personal demons are put to the test when she unveils a conspiracy to reawaken a cosmic force.

My Rating (4.75)

Mosaic is a novella by Catherine McCarthy, and until receiving this ARC, I’d never heard of this author.

The only disappointment was the ending because I predicted a little more to happen, but it fell short and was very calm. Mosaic is a slow burn, for sure. The story builds and builds and builds until you feel like you’re going to burst. A demonic presence, with “true” followers and an unsuspecting main character stuck in the middle, perfect.

Quote from Mosaic
“Eventually, I managed to fall asleep, but the dreams!”

Robin (our protagonist) is at the center of this story as she is tasked to bring a stained-glass window back from ruin after it was destroyed. The details of that remain hidden until she uncovers the truth.

I liked how Robin’s backstory is woven throughout because you get a sense of her upbringing and the resentment she has towards her family, especially her father. To Robin’s family, keeping up appearances was the object of the game. Robin and her sister Wren would be pawns and tuned against each other as the family favored one over the other.

Quote from Mosaic
“It takes possession of our senses, causing us to hear what it wants us to hear, feel what it wants us to feel, smell what it wants us to smell.”

I would have loved a little more to the end of the story (add some meat to the bone), because it seems that Robin just rides off into the sunset with the purpose of demonic destruction and more followers, but all we get is she felt a sense of calm.

This book was creepy in a sense, and being rated as horror, you expect a certain amount. But I think it’s more of how your imagination plays on what’s written. Overall, Mosaic has a great premise, and THAT COVER, YO …is terrifying. You’re told never to judge a book by this, but I did. It wasn’t until the end that I tied the cover to the story.

I also feel this would make a great audiobook.

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