The September …Fun Stuff

Why is it so hot …September, are you here?

Hello beautiful people, and what’s good? I hope you’re taking care of your mind and body, finding quiet moments for yourself, checking in with friends and family, and giving yourself some grace.

I’m posting more fun things today.  We live in some tumultuous times, so here on the blog, especially during the fall season, I like to focus on some feel-good fun stuff. Granted, decorating your home and enjoying some Fall activities is not going to change the world, but if it brings you a smile and a little happiness, then it’s all worth it.

Today I’m sharing some new Target fall decor, my Fall playlist, and my Fall inspiration board.

1 – Cable Knit Throw
2 – Ceramic Pumpkin
3 – Wooden Serving Tray
4 – Throw Pillow
5 – Leaf Stem & Fall Leaf Wreath
6 – Wooden Candle Holder
7 – Riverscape Art
8 – Ceramic Vace
9 – Tapestry Doormat
10 – French Country Mirror

Every year I say to myself …”self, you don’t need any more shit,” but here we are, looking at just a few more things.  Actually, the only things I’ve purchased are some faux greenery from Michaels (I had a coupon for that and one vase that was on clearance from Target that was only $8.97. The only other thing I may purchase is some pillow covers.

My Fall Playlist

I’ve add a few new tracks this year, and I’ve been listening to my list a little earlier than usual.  My playlist has been carefully curated to bring me right back to the season.

Fall Inspo Board

Who doesn’t want some Fall inspiration? Right now, we’re on Fall overload…hell even the drugstore has pillows and signage in screaming orange and yellow. Between my Tumblr and Pinterest, I can always find beautifully curated images that whisper…Fall is approaching. Here are a few things I love to gush about during the season.

I’m excited for those Fall sunsets, my seasonal Starbucks drink that’s not pumpkin spice (aak!).  The leaves turning, pumpkins from the garden center, my pillows and decor for fall and yes …apple cider donuts.

Psst!  October is just around the corner …For Halloween games and other goodies, you can find those free downloads here.

As I close this post today, I hope I’ve given you some new ideas and reinvigorated some old ones to get you out and about.  I realize this season isn’t for everyone, so share what you like doing during this time in the comments.

Thanks so much for visiting …Peace ✌🏽

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