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Good Reads Challenge Book Review: Cold, Black & Infinite

It’s the weekend!

What’s up, friends — are you ready for the weekend? Got anything good planned?  Me, I just want to do nothing.  I’ve been moving and grooving for the last three weeks, and I’m beat.  I want that wine, that Netflix, that popcorn, that nothing.

Friends, please take care and make sure you’re staying hydrated, checking in with friends and family, and giving yourself some grace.

It’s book review Friday, and I’m reviewing Cold, Black & Infinite by Todd Keisling.  I also created a podcast for this book, and you can find that here on Spotify.

The Review

Title | Cold, Black & Infinite
Author | Todd Keisling
Format | Kindle Book
Pages | 350
Published  | September, 2023
Genre |  Horror, Short Stories
GR Rating | 4.26
Purchase | Amazon


Down here in the dark lies a vast, twisted landscape where the wicked, wistful, and profane coalesce. This is where the lonely and lost face their demons, where anxious paranoias are made manifest, and where mundane evil wears a human face. For readers, the sixteen stories found within Cold, Black, & Infinite serve as a harrowing glimpse into the nightmarish imagination of Todd Keisling, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of Devil’s Creek and Scanlines.

My Rating (4.00)

Thank you to Net Galley for the advanced copy of this book.

Cold, Black & Infinite is a collection of short stories that truly embody the title, Horrific, and Strange, and I love the dedication that says…

To the heathens,
The outcasts,
The introverts,
The weirdos and goths,
The godless and gracious
The queers and queens,
And all who dare to be…

This one’s for you.

This book gave me the vibes of Twin Peaks, part Outer Limits, part Twilight Zone, with a bit of 80s horror sprinkled in and wrapped in a Zombie apocalypse. It’s divided into three parts, Cold, Black, and Infinite, and my favorites are “The Happytown Yuletide Massacre,” “Black Friday,” “Solve for X,” and “Smile Factory.”

“This book has a scary story for every reader”

There were a few stories that fell a little short for me, meaning I didn’t get them (i.e., 2:45 To New Xebico, The Gods of Our Father, and We’ve All Gone to a Crooked Town), but I’d like to keep in mind that there’s a weird story for every reader. One story that really rubbed me wrong was Gethsemane which, for the life of me, I didn’t understand. (I guess you really have to free your mind for that one)

Everyone has different tastes for what type of horror they like; with that, there will be stories you enjoy and others you hate. Are the stories graphic? Yes. Will they have you putting your hand over your mouth and going, WTF? Yes. Do they border on the macabre and horrific? Absolutely, it is in the title but isn’t that the very thing we love about horror novels?

That ability to put us right there in the moment of what’s happening and make us cringe while still trying to finish that last chapter or read one more page to see the fate of the characters.

I will say that most novellas don’t have as many likable stories as Cold, Black & Infinite. Finding only three that I didn’t care for is excellent. I found it interesting, entertaining, and disturbing, with a grab bag of great horror stories.

My Good Reads Progress

I’ve finished The Only One Left, I’m halfway through Kill Creek, and I’ll finish The Horror at Pleasant Brook soon.

Have you made your 2024 book list?  Share your most anticipated reads in the comments.

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