Hello September, Let’s Be Friends

You have arrived!

Hello to my people, what’s good, how you livin’ …what’s happening. I hope you’re taking care of your mind and body, finding quiet moments for yourself, and checking in with friends and family.

Today we’re getting into some fun things to kick off the month.  I have another “Don’t call it a bucket List”, it’s Fall Bingo.  I’ve loaded my Bingo with some things that I would like to do during the Fall Season.  This doesn’t include Halloween as I have a whole other Bingo for that time.  You can download that here.

There are (of course) a few things on my Bingo that I can check off because I just couldn’t wait.  (Yes I’m impatient like that)

Thursday afternoon I had gotten to the point where I couldn’t do anymore.  I could no longer focus on any work tasks, so in the afternoon, I shopped my storage for all my Fall decor.  It made me so happy.  I also peeped in the Re-Store, because I’m still on the hunt for some entryway storage and an Armoire.  Because I live in a walk-up I have no idea how I’ll get it home, but just looking made me smile.

Last year I paired down at least 40% of my stuff, and anything that was orange, buffalo-checked, and said Fall Ya’ll, I donated because it was never my style.  These are things that happen when you look at too much Pinterest and you follow what’s trendy vs. what you like.

I’m all pumpkins, moody prints, blackbirds, and dark florals this season, and everything I currently have, I’ve selected with the intention of using it through the years.

On my Bingo to check off:

  • I’m still shooting this KiKi Pan 320 Filma traditional B&W film. Negative made in Germany converted in the UK. Package designed in HK by Camera Film Photo. The name’s inspiration comes from their company cat: Kiki! It is a brand-new roll film, not a self-roll film with a sticker label, and provides classical high-speed panchromatic film results. (Source: Kiki Pan)
  • We have a planned Museum visit this week
  • I’ve purchased a new pair of jeans
  • Started decorating for Fall, all that’s missing is some real pumpkins; and
  • Going to a concert in October

Next Up is my Fall City List

I created this list a few years ago and it’s things you can do in a major city if you want to get into the spirit of the season.  I understand it’s a moody time.  We’re back at work, school has started and there’s not much to look forward to other than the weekends and holidays.

I’ve sat home too many days wishing I could do something when it was cooler and this list encompasses some of those things.  This season I’ll get busy living.

Some of these things are repetitive with what’s listed on the Fall Bingo but this is the list I worked from to create the Bingo as it’s a new feature.

As I close this post today, I hope I’ve given you some new ideas, and reinvigorated some old ones to get you out and about.  I realize this season isn’t for everyone, so share in the comments what you like doing during this time.

Thanks so much for visiting …Peace ✌🏽

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