A Round-up of Posts For The Month of September!

Hello friends, and how are you today…welcome to the blog!

“It’s the first day of autumn! A time of hot chocolatey mornings, and toasty marshmallow evenings, and, best of all, leaping into leaves!” – Winnie the Pooh

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you’re being productive, checking in with friends and family, staying hydrated, and enjoying Summer.

Here is a round-up of posts for the month.

Fall Into Halloween

I’m still thinning out my storage unit and keeping my purchases to a minimum for the season.  I just want this dark-moody-laid back style for Fall. However, by the time you’re reading this I’ve already started decorating for Halloween.  I had all sorts of goodies in my storage unit.

So Many Frames

I didn’t realize I had so many frames in storage with pictures of bats and birds.  I want to change it up this season, so I’ve found a few free images via Raw Pixel that I will incorporate as well.

What Books I Finished This Month & Challenge Progress

I have excepted defeat that I will never finish this book.  I’ve had this same book in front of me (Dark Corners by Ruth Rendell) all month long, and I never pick it up. I have started reading some other books for my Halloween series, but for some reason, that one has just gone cold.

Maryland Legends: Folklore from the Old Line State
Haunted Maryland: Ghost and Strange Phenomena of the Old Line State

What I Saw This Month

With everything going on this month, my daughter and I still managed to go to the movies this month.  I’ve only seen a few others, but this will pick up in October.

The Woman King ★★★★★
Barbarian ★★★★½
Freaky ★★★★
The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman ★★★½

September Home & Decor Boards

Check out my free printables for October! You can download them here.

Friends, this ends my September roundup.  Thanks so much for visiting, and don’t forget to follow and subscribe, as I really appreciate each and every like, and follow. — Peace

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