My Favorite Tunes for Autumn | 2022

Hello friends thanks for landing here today and spending some time with me.

What’s up people …what-cha know good.  I hope everyone is doing well, enjoying the beginnings of September, taking care of yourselves, and checking in with friends and family

It’s that time of year when I share my Autumn playlist which seems to be very popular over on Pinterest.  No matter how many times I update this list, everyone seems to Pin the list from 2019.  Who am I to complain, I’m just glad that everyone enjoys it.

I’ve updated this printable but the actual playlist is on Tidal. You can preview it below by clicking on the “play” icon. I’ve got close to 50 tracks which are more than what will fit on the graphic above.

I’m a music lover, so there’s really no logic to my playlist, I just add what makes me feel good.

Check out the list on Tidal

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