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Target Home Decor for 2022!

Hello friends and welcome to the blog!

What’s up friends? Whatcha know good …It’s mid-week Wednesday and I hope everyone is having a productive week (day), practicing some self-care, drinking plenty of water, and checking in with friends and family.

I have to do a moment of silence for my vacation ending. (—-) I started back at work on Monday, and it’s so depressing and daunting. (yes I said it) I’ve had a great (yet tiring) week-and-a-half off and I’m thankful for that time, although I didn’t get much rest.

My daughter’s birthday was last week and yes, she’s 31 (it’s crazy). But more than that …Queen Elizabeth ya’ll. Nuff said. I’m really saddened by this and it’s not like I follow the royal family. The closest I got was watching The Crown which is really good, but like…wow.

But let me move on. Today I’m sharing some Target Fall decor finds, because seriously when can you not find anything and everything at Target? It’s voodoo I tell you. I know you all understand what I’m saying, when you walk in there intending to spend $50 but spend $150, and you love everything you purchased.

So let me highlight just a few things that can blend in with any decor style.

1 // Ceramic Pillar Holder
2 // Wicker Pumpkin
3 // LED Tapered Candles
4 // Ceramic Bristol Vase
5 // Black Metal Lantern
6 // Brass Magnifying Glass
7 // Aged Metal Finish Tray
8 // Chunky Knit Throw
9 // Pine Cone Doormat

I’m still working on that minimal Fall decor style, and I know I will continue to make changes to it in the coming months.  I can’t wait to share a few pictures of how I’m styling things, but I want a few more odds and ends.  I’m not trying to make it perfect.  I just want that muted style that’s timeless.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today.  Don’t forget to “like”, “leave a comment, or “subscribe”.  Happy Fall People! — Peace —

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