My Fall Decor for 2022

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog.

It’s Fall baby…and a beautiful day to have a beautiful day.

I hope everyone is being productive this Friday, staying hydrated, enjoying some Fall activities, and checking in with friends and family.

Today I’m sharing my Fall decor for this season.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I wanted a toned-down Fall style and I’m sticking to it. I haven’t purchased much and I’ve been using what I have only getting a couple of things and thrifting the rest.

2022 Fall Decor Preview

Just to check myself I put * next to everything that was purchased.

My home’s footprint is not big so I didn’t want to crowd the few surfaces that I have with a lot of decor and signs. I wanted the Fall colors, darker tones, brass items, art, and wood tones.

The Entry [way] …

This is a drop zone for keys and extraneous items so I only added a few things to this side cubby.

1] black and white dessert photo (found this at a consignment shop in VA, 5 years ago), 2] Blackbird (Amazon), 3] *Pumpkin (Local grocery store), and 3] Various books (thrifted with covers removed).

Bookshelf [right-left] …

Both shelves have been thinned out and styled for this photo. (Y’all know I got way more DVDs than that…LOL) I was able to add a little decor to the top shelves, as well as a few pumpkins. The only new item is the vintage botanical print which I had enlarged at Walgreens and the candlesticks from the thrift store.


1] *Vintage Botanical Print by North Prints (Etsy), 2] Wooden birdhouse painted black (Michael’s), 3] Small blackbird (Amazon), 4] *Candlestick DIY’d with Rub n’ Buff (Salvation Army), 5] White pumpkin (Michael’s), and 6] Sweater Pumpkin (Target).


1] Glass vase (I had on hand) painted with black paint mixed with plaster of paris and 2] *Red eucalyptus (West Elm). The vintage pet photo is from Crown & Paw of my Maxy who passed away in 2019.

Living [space] …

Again I’m so happy that I stuck to my guns and I only made a few new purchases.  I pulled the same items from last year, like the checked blanket (West Elm), and faux leather pillow covers (Amazon) with some black candles to complete the look.   I do want some fall-colored twisted candles but that can wait for another time.

1] *Roots poster art (Society 6), 2] *Ornate art frame painted black (Goodwill), and 3] Gold finish candleholders (West Elm).

Dining [room] …

I love my dining space.  Mainly because it’s simple, and needs to stay this way because my daughter and I work from home here every day.  It was important that I keep this space simple.

This bar surface is purely for decoration.  It’s what’s inside the cabinets that house our pantry items and special occasion serving items.  I’ve been collecting the cutting boards over time.  The newest is in the shape of a leaf from Marshalls.

Seating [area] …

Our dining table is used for eating, teleworking, DIY projects, and everything in between so it was important that I kept this space as clutter-free as possible which means sparse decor. (Sorry for the picture quality, it’s originally a video)

1] *Candlestick DIY’d with Rub n’ Buff (Salvation Army) …2 @ $2.99 each, 2] *Pumpkin (Local grocery store), and 3] *Leto Wide Black Vase (CB2 on sale for $34 …this was purchased at a Labor Day sale it’s currently priced at $69).

Note:  The *Red eucalyptus (West Elm), came in a really large bunch that I was able to split between to vessels.

Well kiddies, that’s gonna do it for today.  I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet tour of my home, and how you can make do with what you have, and thrift the rest. Thanks so much for visiting and don’t forget to subscribe, like, and follow. — Happy Fall!

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