A Round-up of Posts For The Month of August!

Hello friends, and how are you today…welcome to the blog!

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you’re being productive, checking in with friends and family, staying hydrated, and enjoying Summer. It’s September, and as we start to get into that cozy, leaves changing, decoration, and warm drinks season it’s time to round-up August. 

Let’s start with a round-up of posts for the month.

Clearing out the Clutter

I feel like I’m always purging my stuff. You would think I was bursting at the seams when I’m really not.  Let’s just say I’m a fantastic packer. But, with the seasons changing and wanting to style my home differently it was time to clear out the old to make room for a few simple pieces.

So I shopped my storage and took home just one small bag of goodies and donated the rest.  This was also the time I choose to re-organize my main until that had an overflow of household items.  I labeled everything, purged some things I wasn’t using,  put like items together, and donated the rest.  It felt damn good to check that off my list of things to do, and I’ll revisit my unit again at the beginning of October.

Spa Me

It’s not often that I get to pamper myself in the daily rush to just be done with things, but every weekend I take one hour and do just that.

I was gifted these shower steamers which you can find just about everywhere and added a eucalyptus bundle in my shower …it’s quite the sensation. With the rosemary bundle, I had to basically get right on top of it to smell anything, because it was so subtle.  However, the eucalyptus hits you as soon as you step in. I do a charcoal face mask, get in the shower and let the steam do its magic.  It really relaxing.

Muted Fall

Since I brought home my stuff I’ve been planning out how I want to showcase my things.  So far I’ve only done two vignettes and put out 4 pumpkins.  If I decide to purchase any more they will be real. I’m looking to create some DIYs, and thrift a few things as well.

I’ve ordered this print from my fall style board and I have just the space for it.  I’m only looking for 2 more prints, a few green and rust tapered candles and that’s it.  Oh and my blackbirds which I’ll pull from my unit next week.

What Books I Finished This Month & Challenge Progress

I’m still reading the same book. (Dark Corners by Ruth Rendell)  I feel like Charlie Brown (Happy New Year Charlie Brown) reading War & Piece and only being on page 5 after 2 weeks.  I’m just not feeling it, but I am trying to get through it.  I want to finish out my reading year strong.  Here’s my progress.

What I Saw This Month

We hit the movie theater this month and as I mentioned it was pretty empty but I loved it.  Didn’t see too many movies and I was disappointed with a few but you can’t like everything.

Blade & Blade II ★★★★
Ant-Man ★★★½
Lackies ★★
Nope ★★★★★
Day Shift ★★½
It Comes At Night ★★★
Bullet Train ★★★★★
Orphan: First Kill ★★★

August // Fall Style Trend Boards

August // Home & Decor Boards

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Friends, this ends my August roundup.  Thanks so much for visiting, and don’t forget to follow and subscribe, as I really appreciate each and every like, and follow. — Peace