MONDAY: How are We Doing?

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Through this crisis we are strong … be safe … and be well.

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I will keep this brief today because I’m not doing a podcast, and I know folks don’t feel like reading a 4-page blog post … so here we go.

Hello my friends and Happy Monday.  I’m in my 2nd week of Telework with only a few hiccups.  That’s to say that the left hand (my boss), and the right hand (his team leads), don’t know what the other is doing.

Working From Home

My boss is trying to find creative ways to keep me busy (so I don’t slack off and get paid to do it, because yeah … I’m that person). I had already planned some busy-work tasks, and to touch base with all my vendors and do some online training.

Me guess that’s not enough (LOL).  You would think that I haven’t been at my job for 20-years. Do these people even know me? So, I just sit back and marvel at all the back and forth email shenanigans.

No one plans for being at home for long periods of time, but it’s with this extra time, that I will create a template of tasks for just such an emergency.

Staying Productive At Home

It’s hard when your home 95% of the time and it’s hard enough to plan shopping for specific needs.  My daughter and I are just working through this time and trying to add in some fun activities.

Over the years we’ve purchased so many things (i.e., books, adult coloring books, classes, and other online activities) Well, my friends nows the time. There’s no excuse for me not finishing that class I purchased though Creative Live 2 years ago.

Online classes, making a craft, organizing your home, reading, journaling, or working through your Bible are great ways to get out of your head space.

Social Media + News Outlets

Social media and the news can be very daunting so I limit myself to only a few hours per day.  I want to be in touch with what’s happening because I don’t live in a bubble, but there is a limit to what I can hear or see and stay sane.

Where Am I Right Now?

My main goals are to connect with my family, talking with my daughter (because even young adults have a hard time wrapping their heads around current events), checking in on my boyfriend, and staying connected by reading my bible.

While what’s happening is scary, I can’t live in fear.  Fear is my adversary, and fear is Satan.  Fear is the one thing that has ALWAYS gotten under my skin. Because of fear I’ve missed opportunities and ruined relationships. Fear keeps you from living.

I’m wrestling with my own demons, and yes I let fear creep into my head and my being.  I have to trust that God will sustain me during this time, so I stay prayed up (LOL). It’s always helped me gain focus, and being nearer to  God gives me my footing in this uncertain world that we live in.

 “Are you living, or just existing. — The Family that Prays”

With that I’ll end this here.  Again … thanks for hanging with me today, and if you haven’t subscribed to Life by Wyetha, then get on it … and join the family.  I would love to have you at my virtual table … and as always. — Know Thyself —

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