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This is another post that will not be a podcast ?… I promise I’ll be talking to my friends soon.

How is everyone doing this Monday.  I know that this is a difficult time, so I want to remain a positive source for my blog family.  Reading the paper, watching the news, or grocery shopping is very stressful.  I just want to send out a prayer to everyone that’s been affected by this situation, because WE will come through this.

“Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, He saved them from their distress, He sent out His word and healed them.”  + Psalm 107:19-20

Today I’m going to briefly chat about my at home routine, progress on the condo, and an upcoming project.

At Home Routine

It’s funny the way life works.  I’ve always loved working from home, because I can wake up, work, and stay in my comfy clothes all day, and break when I need to.

During this pandemic, my Telework model has changed significantly.  There are a few things that I do every day to keep my sanity and break me from those old habits that are not productive.  My space is not large, but I want to use every inch of it so here is a sneak peek of my schedule.

Day Schedule

Wake up time … The first week I was home, I got up at 7:30am every day, which is productive for me.  The earlier I start work, the earlier I can wrap things up.  Now in my 3rd week, it’s more like 8am.

Take care of the essentials … I make sure that I get that “hot” shower every morning because on a typical work-day I always took my shower in the evenings to help quiet my mind and prep me for sleep.

Get dressed … I also think it’s important to actually get dressed. Not for leaving but just to give me a feeling of getting something done. I also make my bed, pull up my shade and make sure my room is neat.  I also stay out of my bedroom for the bulk of the day.  This is to keep me out of the bed and up and alert.

Gather to work … I gather what I need in a bag, and head out to the dining room (I don’t have a dedicated office), and set up my workstation.  Then I get a coffee and check my first few emails of the day before I make my breakfast.

Breakfast and lunch … Breakfast time I’ll eat and work, which means answering emails, going over budget and reconciling purchases.  I will work taking mini-breaks until around 1:15pm.  Then I log off for an hour for my lunch break.  I think it’s really important to actually take breaks and disengage for a short time.  I can eat, decompress, read or watch a little TV.

Home Progress

“B” and I spent the entire weekend assembling furniture.  My body let me know this morning, that I’m not young anymore, but we are really making some progress.  We’ve got time, and there is no sense in having anxiety over what’s happening out there.  We still have to get things done, and so we did.

We’ve still have boxes to go through, but we also tossed 6 big boxes over the week and weekend and took out all the furniture boxes.  I’m waiting until the end of May for more seating, a pantry cabinet, and DVD storage boxes.  Overall I’m happy with the progress..

shelving 1

Senja Modern and Contemporary 2-Door Ladder Bookshelf

cube shelf

Closet Maid Decorative White 6-Cube Organizer


After two days of furniture assembly, my body was beyond sore. This combo helped to ease some pain.


I don’t know at what point I will get back to some sort of normal, and I don’t want to sit around worrying about what I can or can’t do.  I need to stay busy.  For the past two weeks I’ve been working on diorama DIYs, and what’s come from that activity is joy.

Joy from working on something that challenges me, and joy from doing something new.  There is a whole community of crafty folks working on beautiful miniatures, and I want to get back to that.

It’s Happening!

I’ve decided that over the course of 2020 that I want to build a diorama (dollhouse) from scratch. I will not be using any assembled furniture and reworking it, but an actual dollhouse made of wood, and MDF.  How does one do this with no cutting power tools? Well … I’ll find out.

I plan on sharing each and every, triumph, fail, and success via both my blogs, and I would love to take my family with me.  I’ve never built anything without instructions, so for the next several months I will draft a plan for a mini house, from the material, to the design … inside and out, colors, style and furniture.  — I CAN’T WAIT! … More to come.

 “Color is a power which direclty influences the soul. — Wassily Kandinsky”

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