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Hi Friends!  Hope everyone is doing well.  I do apologize as this post seems rushed (to me).  Wyetha (LOL) was up late last night assembling furniture. This takes me back to why I paid way too much for some West Elm furniture.  (They do the hard work for you)

Today I’ve completed another mini-project for my dollhouse (diorama).  I have some ambitious plans for my little house, and I can’t wait to share them with you.  That’s coming soon.

The Dollhouse

Right now I’m working on accessories, furniture and art for my mini-house.  I have so many craft supplies that I want to make sure I utilize everything. I’m closing in on a month since I’ve moved, so I know where everything is.  I mean … it’s still in boxes so that makes it easy.

Following with the theme from last Friday, working on my diorama  eases my anxiety, and decreases my stress. It also keeps me from watching too much of the news. (win-win)

I wanted to make custom canvas wall art for a gallery wall in the house, and this couldn’t be easier.  Since finding canvases that small is a hassle I improvised by using small wood pieces with batting in between.

Here’s What I did!

Canvas Art inspo

Canvas Art 1

Canvas Art 2

Canvas Art 3

Canvas Art 5

canvas art 7

canvas art 6

canvas art 7

If you want to see the entire diorama process head on over to The Dollplace Project to see how I started my little house.

What projects are you working on to east your stress.  Share them in the comments!

With that, I’ll end my post today.  I hope everyone has had a great week, stay safe amongst the chaos.  Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe …  have a great weekend. — Peace —

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