MONDAY: Unscripted…Life Update

Hello to all my lovely people, and Welcome to the blog!

If this is your first time, I’m glad stopped by, and I hope you consider subscribing. If your already part of the family … welcome back.

Happy Monday … and I’m back!  Are you missing that hour?  I know I am, and no matter what anyone says, I DO feel it — each and every morning.

Last week was all about getting my groove back and trying to get my body back to normal.  This means a normal weekday schedule by eating a good meal, exercising and focusing on nesting and settling.

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With that said today is UNSCRIPTED and I’m sharing more of the Tomfoolery, and keeping my cool throughout this entire process.

Last week was another lesson in patience, and forgiveness.  I will not let outside influences take me to a place, that I can’t get back from, and undo all of Gods work.

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I can’t stress enough that Gods grace is ever-present in my life as I learn to be at peace with the way things are going.

With that I’ll end this here.  Again … thanks for hanging with me today, and if you haven’t subscribed to Life by Wyetha, then get on it … and join the family.  I would love to have you at my virtual table … and as always. — Know Thyself —

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