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Happy Friday! … The New Normal

Happy Friday friends and welcome to the blog today!

If this is your first time stopping by, I hope you stay for a while and consider subscribing.  If you’re subscribed … it’s nice to be with you again.

My blogging schedule is somewhat back to normal but of course I’ve mixed up my days.  Friday is usually where I would post my DIYs or UP-Cycle’s, and I’ll be getting back to that schedule next week … now, on with today’s post.

Ahh Friday, the day of all days. We are always working to get to the weekend … for those two short days of rest.  I’m not so sure about the rest part, but I’m glad the weekend is here.

I’m still trying to settle into a somewhat normal schedule, and I’m still stacking, moving, and reorganize more boxes.  I desperately need storage space.  I accounted for both the bathrooms, bedroom closets, and the dining room decor (this is the first room that was set up by the way), but didn’t take into account the lack of  kitchen storage. 

Now I’m on the hunt for a pantry cabinet, for my overflow of pans, and other kitchen gadgets, so I can clear my kitchen counter surfaces.  I need cube storage for my living room, for books, office supplies, extra candles and other extraneous items, and a home for our 5 boxes of DVD’s.

Yes … “B” and I have a serious addition to movies, documentaries, nostalgic shows, and TV series.  We just have everything.

Today I’m sharing some inexpensive storage options that I’ve found on IKEA.

My Thought Process – Living Room

IKEA ♦ KALLAX | 2 Cubes (I just UP-Cycled my fire-engine-red one to white).  I can also add legs or wheels as a later option. This will go behind my sofa.  I can add wire shelving or baskets to hide loose items.

Kallax Basket Kallax Wine Insert
Kallax Wire Basket Kallax Shelf

Our new sofa cover will really “pop” against all this white. The color is Ivy.

Bemz Cover

Dining Room Update

New Dining

My Dining Room Design Plan 

I decided on a round jute rug, for fear that my cat would destroy this nice one, and I’m using an old dresser (that UP-Cycle is coming soon) to store plastic Tupperware, party napkins, my faux sheepskin seat covers, and other items strictly for the dining room.

NOTE: Some time ago I read this book about getting your spaces organized, and the best advice it gave was to keep items in the rooms that they are used in. It cuts down on the confusion of having things all around your home with no purpose. — The Complete Book of Home Organization.


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With that I’ll end here.  Thanks so much for checking out my blog today. Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday. — Peace

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