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Happy Friday … It’s Happening!

Happy Friday friends and welcome to the blog today!

I’m posting later than usual because I have so much going on … and Bed, Bath and Beyond is closing one of it’s locations where I am, so it was advantageous for me to stop by and see what I could pick up.  I was very successful in the rug department. LOL

If this is your first time stopping by, I hope you stay for a while and consider subscribing.  If your subscribed … it’s nice to be with you again.

Who’s glad that it’s Friday…me over here ?.  I’ve been dragging all week, and my sleep schedule has been off or interrupted (I stopped taking my Dream Sleep Vitamins from Pacifica, and started a new one called Slumber Party by Hello Bello at Walmart) … and with the packing, organizing and purging, I just feel drained.

However things are looking up, and I have my keys which is “AWESOME”, so I’m gonna give you a sneak peek of two spaces, because the next few days are going to be busy, so I don’t know if I will have time to post.

Once I’m settled I have a few UP-Cycle’s and DIY’s coming your way, so I’ll be back to a normal schedule.

Today I’m sharing my kitchen and dining areas, talking about closet organization, furniture delivery, and UP-Cycling projects.


The city-view is bluish-orange-gold in the evenings.


Since I have a bigger closet to work I’ve been trying to figure out how I would organize it because it’s just a blank slate.  The challenge is that I have holiday decor, regular decor, and of course my clothes, shoes, and bags.

I’ve only moved in a few things and I can see already that it’s gonna be tight, so this is what I was thinking…

Metal storage

I have one of these currently …but two side-by-side units will help store my photography props and equipment, and other miscellaneous items.

Ikea cabinet

This IKEA Cabinet would work great for my sewing, craft and miscellaneous items that I keep in my closet.  It also looks much nicer and more cohesive.

I’m currently using my daughters old plastic one from college and that was 2013 … so sad.

Furniture Update

Last Friday I posted a plan for my dining room and even though the delivery was a hassle (side note: Always get entryway delivery when you use Home Depot for larger items), my table is here.  I haven’t opened the actual top, but we had to remove the base from the box to get it through my door, and let me just say … that it’s beautiful.  (and getting an extra money off for the delivery debacle didn’t hurt) … my vision is coming together.

Cane Bark Round Table

This is the table that I got on sale at Home Depot.  I’ve linked it but it’s no longer on sale.

Table Base

It’s hard to see it at this angle but it’s huge.

Last Friday’s Post – Dining Room


UP-Cycle DIY

As I mentioned above I have two projects coming for my dining room.  I wanted a new buffet but I also don’t want to spend all my coins getting everything right now.  In the meantime I plant to UP-cycle my daughters old IKEA dresser by reinforcing the bottoms and adding new drawer pulls, and a new face to the drawer fronts.

I’m also going to DIY all my artwork. These projects in total will save me about $200.

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With that I’ll end here.  Thanks so much for checking out my blog today.  I want to thank everyone who told me to be patient in this moving process and not stress.  Your kind words mean so much to me during this time.

I’ll be back with more DIYs & Up-CYCLES soon.  Have a great weekend! — Peace —

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