Packing Hacks for a Small Space

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In today’s climate one doesn’t have to go far to get tips on packing and moving. They’re just a click away via Pinterest or YouTube. Well today I’m joining that special merry band of people by sharing my packing tips with you.

I’ve lived in my small condo for 10-years, and as you can imagine, I’ve accumulated A LOT of stuff. While my packing issues are not unique they are different because I don’t know the location that I’m moving to (as of yet).

Here are the steps I’m taking to ensure that my move is as stress-free as possible.

  • SUPPLIES: First I started with some supplies I had on hand. (i.e., paper tape, sharpies, packaging tape, shopping bags) Old shopping bags worked well in purging my donations, and I used trash or groceries bags for anything I was discarding.

donations(1)-pack (1)

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  • PURGE & DONATE: My move is at least 4-weeks out so I have time to dig in and purge everything that I haven’t used.  So far I have 4 bags and that doesn’t include the kitchen (I just started working on that ) or my linen, and front closets
  • DECOR & FRAGILE ITEMS: I started with my bedroom since I keep all the holiday, and seasonal decor (I have a bigger closet), which yielded at 4 bags of donations.


  • PACK BY ROOM: I also figured it was best by doing one room at a time.  (Yes I watched some You Tub videos myself … LOL)

“It’s not that I don’t know how to pack, but I haven’t had to pack or move in 10 years so I wanted to approached this methodically to make sure I take the things that I’m using.

  • BOXES OR STORAGE: Everyone talks about “free” boxes but I haven’t had time to check the big-box stores for extras.  I’m using a combination of bins and boxes.

home depot bins-pack

  • DETAILS/LABELS: As I work through each room, I’m clearly labeling every box I fill.

I’m also adding a “W” for the room name and a general label as to what’s in the box.  (i.e., Craft Supplies – “W”, for my room, and Decor – “L”…for the living room)

  • CALENDAR/TASKS: As a final step I created a Google calendar for my daughter and I to share with some outlined tasks that I need to complete before my move in date.

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  • PERSONAL ITEMS: Personal items, (i.e., clothing, toiletries, and pet supplies) will br packed last, because those are the things that we are still using.
    • Additional tasks:
    • Fill all the holes or marks from my decor
    • Take care of any repairs
    • Do a surface clean of the bathroom
    • Clean the oven
    • Mop & Sweep

Even though I’ve thoroughly gone through what I can and I’ve crossed most things off my list there’s a bit of stress just hoping that everything goes well.  This is why people meticulously plan out everything.  I figure if something goes wrong I will be better prepared to handle it.

Now it’s time to work.  Thanks so much for visiting the blog and hanging out with me today.  Again if you haven’t subscribed to the blog please consider subscribing, I’d love to have you join the family.   Have a great day. — Peace —


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