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That’s a Wrap! Time To Unpack February on the Blog

Hello friends, and welcome or welcome back to the blog!

Happy March 4th! I hope everyone is doing well and sticking to your healthy habits this year. Remember to stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, and give yourself some grace.

I’m so proud of myself for cranking out my posts this month, and while they may not have been on any schedule, I got it done, as well as keeping up with my Good Reads Challenge, got my ARC reviews out (on time), starting Season 3 of the podcast and working (in the office) three days a week.  It seems like a lot, (I know), but I feel good, and I’m practicing what I preach and giving myself some grace.

*****February Posts!*****

Latest Book Haul!

Yes I’ve hauled a few more books in Febuary.  At this point, I will never run out. LOL

The Sun Down Motel, Simone St. James (I don’t know if I should count this because it’s a library book)
Mary, Nat Cassidy
The Monstrous Misses Mai, Van Hoang

Clothing haul!

February was very book-heavy as far as reading and acquiring some new titles.  But it was also a month to treat myself to a few new pieces.  I don’t get into clothing much on my blog because my style and what I like is my own.  However lately everything in my closet was just …blah…

I prided myself on this capsule style and I have have pieces that I’m going to wear but that wasn’t happening.  For much of December, January, and part of February, I was rockin’ the same thing every three days and not even mixing it up, so I had to (yes) spend some money.  Here’s what I hauled.

This time around, I didn’t pick things blindly.  I went to Nordstrom rack with a plan. I got some inspiration from Pinterest, settled on a few key pieces, made a list and didnt’ stray from that list.  I’ve been wearing everything for 2-weeks and all the items are easy to care for, and they work well with the pieces that I currently have in my wardrobe.

I’ve also been searching for a bag to carry my laptop, and I purchased a bag.  The only problem is, once I put everything in that I need, a laptop makes my bag too heavy so I’m back to carrying it separately.  But I still love my new bag. Unfortunately I can’t link all the pieces, because it’s The Rack which means things sell quickly.


Free People Cable Knit Cutt-Off Sweater (Only have spruce and chocolate left)
Madden Girl Chelsea Boot, DSW (On sale now)
Vince Camuto Reversible Faux Leather Belt
Calvin Klein Jeans Long Sleeve Stretch Poplin Button-Up Shirt
NORDSTROM RACK Essential Ponte Pants

Style Boards

Here are all the idea boards I created in February.

Movies for the culture!

My daughter and I made sure to take in some movies and documentaries for Black History Month.  Here’s what we watched.

We’ve seen most of these, but Rustin, Is That Black Enough For You?, The Greatest Night In Pop, True Detective, The Color Purple, Fall in the House of Usher, and I Wanna Dance were all new for me. My quick thoughts…

A must-see, and like most movies that center around Martin Luther King and our struggle during those times is harder to watch but defiantly worth it.

Is That Black Enough For You?
It is a documentary about movies by black directors, actors and the struggle to stay viable, and be heard in Hollywood. I LOVED this one.

The Greatest Night in Pop
This is about the writing, producing, and creating the hit We Are The World. It’s an eye-opening documentary recounted by Lionel Ritche, Cyndie Lauper, Bruce Sprinstien, Kenny Loggins and several other artists featured on that track.

True Detective: Night County [Limited Series]
This was season 4, and I’ve never seen 1-3.  Because this series is different everytime, and the trailer hooked me I just had to watch it.  It is amazing! It is a crime drama, so it’s graphic, and there’s language, but oh man, I loved these strong female leads.

Fall in the House of Usher [Limited Series]
This short series was made by the same folks that made The Haunting of Hill House.  I loved the premise, as told by Roderick Usher, and the plaque on his house.  Really good, rated TV-MA, streaming on Netflix.

Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance
I was not impressed with this movie.  I’ve seen the real version [documentary style] with Whitney Houston, so this was nothing new.  It was just told differently, but it wasn’t my cup of Tea.


February reading

Managed to get in some ARC titles this month and a few others.  Here’s what I read.



The September House
The Echo Wife
The Black Girl Survives This One
Her Lost Soul
The Bad Ones


Pending ARCs!

Home is Where The Bodies Are, Jeneva Rose
Killer House Party, Lily Anderson
Middle of the Night, Riley Sager
My Darling Dreadful Thing, Johanna van Veen
Horror Movie, Paul Tremblay
APPROVED: I Need You To Read This, Jessa Maxwell

March Calendars!

You can find all my calendars as well as all of the printables used on the blog.

Smartphone Wallpaper!

There’s nothing like killing some hour over on Canva. (Keeps my brain busy) so I made a few smartphone backgrounds to share.  I’ll have more coming soon, but check them out on my printables page.

Season 3 is Live!

I’ve started Season 3 of my podcast now called …”Wyetha’s ARC Reviews” (or something like that; it’s a running joke at this point)


Well, Friends, I think I’ve covered everything in this round-up. Thank you for stopping by today as I recapped everything happening in February. Many thanks and blessings to my homies for supporting this blog.  It means the world to me.  Don’t forget to follow and subscribe to my little piece of happiness. — Peace