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My No/Low Carb Week!

Hello friends …it’s good to be with you again!

Hello beautiful people, and welcome EVERYONE.  I hope you are doing well, taking care of yourself, getting plenty of rest and mindfulness, and giving yourself some grace.

As it says above …and so it is. (LOL) last week, I did some self-exploration.  I went a whole week with no rice or potato sides for lunch or dinner, which meant no roasted or mashed potatoes, nothing with potatoes mixed in, NO pasta, and NO rice. I still had bread, but that was limited to the weekend only. This carb crunch was a way to see how I could make some healthy swaps that were low-carb as I worked through my nutritional goals with Type 2 Diabetes.

<—-Let’s break down the week of meals.—->


Seasoned Cauliflower rice with scallions and green onions with sweet & spicy meatballs.
(note) this was a good start because I’m not a big fan of cauliflower rice, but I love the vegetable.  I could never make it taste flavorful or so it’s not mushy by the time it hit my plate.


Since Sunday dinners last at least 2-3 days, it was easy to have the same meal adding green beans and broccoli.


It’s the same as Monday.


Salmon with cauliflower rice and broccoli.  I love salmon, but it’s expensive, so when I buy it, I sautee it in garlic and white miso paste for 3 minutes, then put it in the oven for another 4 minutes, and it’s delicious.


It’s the same as Wednesday, except with quinoa.


BBQ pork meatballs with quinoa and green beans.

Now, have you picked up on this theme here?  There was no variety.  I know that I don’t need to cut out rice, potatoes, and pasta completely, but if I can supplement even two nights with a healthy swap, I think it will make a big difference in how my body feels and my cholesterol levels, which were high on my last check-up.

Since I was making smaller portions, this meant cooking at least four nights which was tiring and daunting. My usual routine is to cook a big meal on Sunday, then again on Tuesday or Wednesday, which lasts till Friday.  On the weekend, we get a prepared meal from the Fresh Market or takeout.

What I’ve learned:

  • I made good choices for my sides, but I need new ideas to incorporate
  • I don’t need to have them every night.  I can have just fish or poultry with no carbs and all veggies.


I’m still drinking the AG 1 Greens daily. A few weeks ago, I mentioned some healthy habits for the new year, which means trying the AG 1 Greens supplement.  My additional thoughts on this product after 30 days are:

  • No, I haven’t gotten used to its taste. It’s still somewhere between cocoa and earth.
  • It’s pricey, and I’ve only budgeted this price for a short time. I (do) look at this as an investment in my health and well-being.

To help with the taste, I’ve added three combinations that make it enjoyable to drink.

Lemon juice, pineapple coconut water (vs. regular water), then one scoop of powder and one drop of D3
Lemon juice, regular coconut water (vs. regular water), tart cherry juice, then one scoop of power and one drop of D3
Lemon juice, frozen bananas, pineapple coconut water, a scoop of powder, one D3 drop, and blend it like a smoothie (It’s actually good!)

RESULTS: I haven’t noticed any benefit other than…you guessed it …poop, but what I was looking for was a boost in my energy levels because I feel tired all the time, better sleep, and to fill in the gaps that in my diet that don’t get by just eating. So it’s doing a few things. I plan on trying it one more month, to see if it’s worth it.

**If you are interested in trying it, click here (Try AG1 Greens), and with your purchase, you get a year’s supply of Vitamin D3+K2 drops plus 5 AG1 Travel Packs.**



I’ve reactivated my Thrive membership. I canceled this back in 2017 because (honestly) I couldn’t afford it. Fast forward (about six years), I took a hard look at my finances, and there was a little wiggle room for the subscription.  Now I don’t have to pay jacked-up prices for seasonings, snacks, and low-sugar beverages, as well as extra delivery fees from Instacart and Amazon Fresh.

Since the membership is only renewed yearly, I’m hoping to save money on pantry items.  For example …I needed White Miso paste for a recipe. At Thrive, it’s $3.99 vs. Amazon Fresh for $11.49 (that price is stupid) for 16 oz, and they only have red. I’m already saving $7.50 (for just one item), and over time, this adds up to the cost of the membership.  My wallet is ok with those savings.

And I’ll pass those savings on …use my link and get $40 off your first order with a Thrive membership.

In conclusion …change is hard, and I can’t just stew in my juices and hold up the “I don’t like anything new” flag.  When you have aging parents and your friends are diagnosed with illnesses way before their time, you tend to look at things differently and take the stance of …” Whatever can I do to improve my health and wellness, I’m doing it.”  I don’t need to be perfect; I just want to enjoy life, drink some red wine, and make some great meals.

With that said, I’ll end here.  Thank you so much for hanging out with me today. Are you trying any new dishes or lifestyle habits? Have any feedback? Then, let me know in the comments. Have a great week, friends — and …Know Yourself.