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It’s A Wrap! Time To Unpack The Month of November!

Hello friends, Welcome or Welcome back to the blog!

I hope everyone is doing well, enjoying the holiday season, these short days, and prepping to spend time with friends and family.  Please remember that it’s ok to say NO to things you don’t want to do, you can’t carry the burden of others on your shoulders, and to give yourself some grace.

It’s that time of the month (well it was …of course, I’m behind) to unpack the month of November.  November has been a strange month of sorts.  The temps got down to the 20s, the drum of work and life marched on, and I’ve felt out of sorts dealing with family.  But you know what, I woke up today, I have my mind, and I’m thankful for every blessing that crosses my path.

Blog Calendar for November


November was a slower point in time here on the blog.  I wanted to catch my breath and get my barrings from a full month of blogging in October which always takes a toll.

But what’s a month without a decor board?  I say it’s not, LOL, so of course, I did a few boards this month. One with my Thanksgiving Day table styling and another with a moody holiday tree. I’m so in love with those ornaments, but I kid you not.  I haven’t purchased any. I will probably make more ornaments because I have supplies to spare.


oh, the mysteries!

We watched several “Who-Done-It” mysteries for November.  Here’s the line-up.

Just because I did all the movie-watchin’ doesn’t mean I skipped out on books.  Here’s what I read in November

The best [by far] was At Betram’s Hotel and By the Pricking of My Thumbs.  I didn’t too much care for Sittiford House, but it has all the Christie elements you expect.  A Creepy house, suspicious characters everyone loves to hate, and of course, a murder.

I haven’t hauled any new books since I wrapped up October, although I’m currently shopping for one more because I have one last free audible credit for December.  I’m currently reading Episode Thirteen and an ARC book that I can’t seem to get through.  I usually have 2 of those every year.  I try my hardest, but I just can’t seem to finish them.


2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
Wyetha has
completed her goal of reading
35 books in

October Haul

Leslie F*cking Jones, Episode Thriteen[Currently reading], Murder Your Employer, The Cousins, The Night She Disappeared


My Printable Section

December calendars are available in the “free downloads” section of the blog. I’ve also added a few other printables, and my Holiday movie bingo is also live.

Podcast Series Update

Still no updates for Season 3 but here is a link for Season 2.

Well, Friends, I think I’ve covered everything in this round-up. Thanks so much for visiting and being a part of my little corner of the world, and supporting this blog.  It means the world to me.  Don’t forget to follow and subscribe to my little piece of happiness. — Peace