The Countdown To Christmas …All the Holiday Things

Happy Holidays Fam! Welcome or Welcome back to the blog. 

Hello, my friends …it’s Evergreen Frostypants here with another post. (Ok you gotta get your Elf name from the sidebar graphic…LOL)  I hope you are doing well, and not stressing this season.  Please take care of your body and mind, and don’t forget to in with friends and family this season.

I’m so proud of myself for ticking more things off my list.  It’s not an overwhelming amount of things, but with work and or family commitments it’s been a balancing act trying to get things done on the home front and prepping for the holiday.  Stack with things that I want to do, and it seems like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.  I am making some notes on ways I can make my holiday easier next year, and my Holiday Tasks list is helping out a lot.

You can download all the printables I’ve created this season here. My December calendars are available, as is the task list below and a Holiday Gift List Printable.


I have moved some things around as time wouldn’t allow for everything.  And hey, if I don’t get around to it, I just have to be ok with that.  Moving this along, this past Sunday was so productive for me.  I was able to sleep in (until 10 am), take my time getting ready, eat a good breakfast, and hit the ground running (so to speak).

  • I finished 2 DIYs
    • Made more ornaments in a black distressed color (I’ve linked my DIY source below)
    • stocking name tags ..made with Scrabble name tiles, craft paper, and ribbon
  • Made my Chili for our staff potluck (and made Sunday dinner)
  • I prepped and baked Molassas cookies and froze the other half for fresh cookies anytime we want

What I didn’t get around to was making some dried orange slices, but there’s always the weekday.

Holiday Slideshow with a mini tour and DIYs

Dee-Dee the Reindeer vignette
My holiday tree for 2023
"Ella Wishes You A Swinging Christmas" Ella Fitzgerald
DIY ornaments in brown leather
I tied bows around pictures for some simple holiday decor
DIY stocking tags made with scrabble tiles and wrapping paper
Holiday potpourri smells amazing.
DIY holiday ornaments
DIY aged black ornaments
Love my tree
I love putting bows around simple objects for the holidy.
Entryway vignette with live greenergy and a simple red bow.
Dee-Dee the Reindeer vignette

Tutorial from AccordingToMandy (Pinterest via Instagram).

That’s it for this quick post with updates.  Thanks so much for visiting the blog today, and feel free to download the templates.  Don’t forget to like, or comment, and I’ll see you back here soon with more holiday prep.