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Absolutely the Last Book Review of 2023: The Lake House

Happy Holidays Friends!

What’s up, friends? We are just about a week away from Christmas and I’m ready. Remember to check in with friends and family, stay hydrated, and always give yourself some grace.

Friends I am blessed this season because of all the things that could be happening, I chose to be present and happy.  I know the holidays are hard for a lot of people and took me until my adult years to understand that…to that, I wish everyone all the best this season.

Today I’m SERIOUSLY reviewing the last book of the year.  No for real!  (LOL)  This is a YA novel called The Lake House by Sarah Beth Durst.

The Review

Title | The Lake House
Author | Sarah Beth Durst
Format | Audiobook
Pages | 356
Published  | April, 2023
Genre |  YA, Horror, Thriller
GR Rating | 3.41
Purchase | Amazon


The Lake House is Sarah Beth Durst’s YA thriller that does overtime as a survival horror. It follows three teen girls who arrive at the Maine-based Lake House camp expecting a sun-soaked summer of adventures and fun on the island but instead find themselves trapped in a terrifying nightmare. (Biblio Sanctum)

My Rating (3.80)

YA novel perfect for Spook-tober. A mystery thriller with a supernatural premise that keeps the pace.

Three teens (Claire, Reyva, and Mariana) would meet on a boat headed to a Summer camp retreat and bond in a way they never imagined. Sent by their parents for various reasons upon arrival nothing would be as it seems.

One thing I love about audiobooks is how the narrator puts you in the scene and gives you all the details.  Audiobooks still have to give you background, the atmosphere, and the flow of the environment, so the fact that in the beginning, we get the details of the boat ride to the dock down to the spray of the water is the one thing I can appreciate when you read listen to A LOT of these.

Dropped off at the dock the girls arrive through the woods to find the camp burned down and one dead body. Someone or something is watching them. Right off we get the characters and a brief background although the book would go into further details and explain the personality traits of each one you do get a sense that the girls are flawed in their special way.

My first red flag (because I’m from a different time), is why would your parents send you off to a summer camp for two months and not personally take you there in this climate?  My second …why would these parents send them to a camp that wasn’t thoroughly vetted, and was mysteriously gone?

Where was the islands info office, no stationary boats, miles from any town or authority.  I mean damn I know you want to escape the ills of the world but really. Now to meat on the bone.  How would these young ladies survive with no food no shelter and no one around for miles?

These girls use the skills they have and figure out a way off the island. However …what happened? Who burned down the cabins? And who or what is hunting them and why?

I love this story, even though some of the beginnings make no sense to me. It’s the perfect blend of horror with a few thrills, not graphic, and a touch of the paranormal.

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